How Long Does It Take To Learn Quran?

 How Long Does It Take To Learn Quran?

Holy Quran is the ultimate source of guidance and contentment for humankind. The teachings of Allah Almighty that are the route to success and prosperity in life require thorough and deep understanding by the Muslims to practice it in their day-to-day life and make it an essential part of their life. More and more people are getting into the routine of making the Quran the source of guidance and strength in their day-to-day aspects of life and taking true inspiration and motivation from the Holy Quran in every walk of life. There are various authentic and resourceful online Quran learning platforms that allow Muslims to be elevated and increase their knowledgebase regarding the religion in the best manner possible.

Here the question sometimes arises that how long does it take for a beginner to learn Quran?

The answer to this question is really simple and depends on two aspects that are leaning the Arabic language and learning the recitation and meaning of the Quran. Learning the Arabic language is the same as getting to learn a new language and getting enrolled in a language course. The thorough learning of the Quran starts with learning the basics of the Arabic language such as grammar, pronunciation, meaning and description, and much more.

You may learn it from online male | female Quran tutors that are certified and experienced and help learners to get the basic idea of the pronunciation and tajweed of the Quran by reputed online Quran academies.

Taking tajweed classes will be quite helpful in learning the Holy Quran in its true sense and will allow you to develop a better understanding of the Quran concepts. Learning tajweed can be challenging in the beginning but once you will get the basics of it, it will be easy for you to learn and grasp other concepts of grammar and tajweed in the most effective manner. After getting a complete command of tajweed, you may then be able to start reading and learning Quran. It will begin with the recitation of small surahs and then moving onto the larger ones.

Immense practice and recitation will then allow you to be able to pronounce every verse of the Quran with perfection and ease and without errors. The constant revision and practice will enable you to memorize surahs and learn Quran in the best manner possible and also recite it most beautifully. However, how long does it take for an individual to read and learn Quran depends on various factors such as the learning ability of the student or the teaching methodology of the Quran tutor.

Each student has a different learning ability of the Quran from the other student and their pace cannot be the same when it comes to reading and reciting Quran. Having a certified and experienced Quran teacher who is familiar with the concepts of the Quran in the best manner possible plays a very important role in making their students efficient learners of the Quran. Also, constant practice and learning as well as developing a better sense of understanding towards the tajweed, pronunciation, and grammar of the Arabic language may play a vital role in learning and reading Quran as per the ability it requires.

Once an individual becomes efficient and better in reading and learning the Quran in its true sense, it also becomes highly important for the person to start understanding and learning the Tafseer of every surah in Holy Quran that not only make people aware of the message of Allah Almighty but also enlightens the mind and heart of people with light, peace, and positivity.

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