How Much Do OnlyFans Managers Take?

 How Much Do OnlyFans Managers Take?

Onlyfans is a social media platform mostly used by adult content creators, Musicians, Models, Fitness coaches, etc. The major benefit to becoming an OnlyFans content creator is your subscribers will pay to access your content. Only Fans has more than 150 million users and they are growing at an exponential rate.

OnlyFans achieved the 100 million user milestone in just one year period whereas social media giants Like Facebook struggled for 5 years to breach the 100 million user mark. OnlyFans has 1 million content creators and last year they paid 3.86 billion dollars to their content creators some of the famous content creators Blac Chyna, Cardi B, Mia Khalif, Bella Thorne, and Tyga made millions of dollars in a month on OnlyFans.

On average top creators are making 6-figure to 5-figure salaries on monthly basis. These Creators are not able to manage their OnlyFans account all by themselves so they hire OnlyFans managers or onlyfans agency to manage their account and grow their earnings and subscribers. Before digging into how much OnlyFans managers take let’s understand their responsibilities first. 

What is OnlyFans Management?

OnlyFans Management occurs when someone other than the primary content producer gets compensated to handle or manage the OnlyFans account with the original owners’ permission. OnlyFans management goes even beyond the main website. Managers are also responsible for Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and other social platforms. This can be done by a single person as the ‘Manager,’ or OnlyFans agency that works with multiple OnlyFans clients and provides other important services.

What Are The Responsibilities of Good OnlyFans Agency Managers?

  • They go through all your details and fix some little flaws that you do not even notice.
  • By researching and analyzing your competitors they give you the list of content to focus on.
  • They analyze the time when your fans are active most and schedule your content accordingly.
  • They manage, Post, and promote your content across other social media channels.
  • They comment and arrange your Pay per view.
  • OnlyFans Agency managers respond to Your Top Paying Fans and make sure all other DMs are properly replied to by chatters. They also give updates on your next post to your fans.
  • They know the power of consistency and make sure you post fresh content consistently on your account.
  • Arrange collaborations with other creators and make strategies to grow your channel.

Difference Between OnlyFans Agency and OnlyFans Managers?

OnlyFans manager could be a dedicated experience individual or a freelancer hired by Upwork and But an OnlyFans agency Provides you with all the required services to grow your channel like marketing experts, social media experts, 24*7 support, timely audits, a team of managers available 24*7 and guaranteed growth, etc. So it is better to hire an OnlyFans agency rather than a person. Now we can go toward our main question.

How Much do OnlyFans Managers Take? 

There are Three Types of Managers available for OnlyFans 

  1. Full-Time managers- Full-time only fans managers either charge a Fixed monthly salary depending upon their experience and expertise or 10 to 25 percent of their net income.
  2.  Freelance managers- Freelance OnlyFans managers charge an hourly estimated 6 to 8 dollars and they work on a contract basis.
  3. OnlyFans agency- Best option to grow your channel and not waste your money and time is the OnlyFans agency. An OnlyFans agency will charge you a fixed amount or 10 to 30 percent of your profits. They have different packages according to your needs and Their packages depend upon the services they provide. Starter packages of Onlyfans agencies start under 10 dollars and most of them even provide a free trial. 

What Does it Take to Become an OnlyFans Manager?

Many users are curious that what it takes to become an OnlyFans manager. A digital marketer will be the most qualified candidate for OnlyFans management. Because they have skills in marketing products online and the OnlyFans manager profile requires them to manage all social media platforms. Begin by creating a standard social media account. And try to grow your followers/subscribers. But the best option is to join a professional Onlyfans agency as an intern and learn all skills.

Benefits of Hiring an OnlyFans Agency/Manager.

  • OnlyFans Content Creator does not have vacation days. You must labor 24*7, creating stuff, uploading it, interacting with followers, and the list goes on. Sharing some of your burden with the OnlyFans agency will help you to unwind and concentrate more on your work and it gives you time to enjoy yourself with your family and friend without stressing about your account.
  • They offer guaranteed growth, Marketing companies have relationships with well-known businesses, famous OnlyFans personalities, and social media influencers. They arrange your collaboration with them as a result you have the opportunity to broaden your brand and reach a larger audience. 
  •  It is almost impossible to achieve success in any business by doing all the work all by yourself, it is a scientifically proven fact that Humans are not good at multitasking and these errors might jeopardize your Onlyfans career. As a result, the manager will equip you with the necessary abilities so that you can focus on what you specialize in best and that is creating content.
  • It’s difficult to analyze your OnlyFans account through the glasses of a critic. Onlyfans managers can provide you with honest answers. They will identify problems in your account and provide you with opportunities to improve and flourish.

Best OnlyFans Management Agency: Pink Agency 

The pink agency is a top-rated OnlyFans management agency for both new and seasoned creators. Because they provide high personalization and realize that each creator has individual requirements and weaknesses, they first walk you through an onboarding procedure to Create a thorough blueprint that includes an intelligent strategy for your OnlyFans account by examining your strengths and weaknesses.

The pink agency guarantees to grow your subscribers 100 percent on monthly basis. And they have expert staff that excels in their respective skills. The pink agency provides a personal OnlyFans manager 24*7. Talk to their experts to know more about their excellent services.


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