How Much Does a Parrot Really Cost?

 How Much Does a Parrot Really Cost?

How Much Does a Parrot Really Cost?. Let’s say you went to your friend’s place or visited a local pet shop and were captivated by the magnificent creatures known as parrots.

The colorful plumage and crushing beak strength as well as the incredible vocal abilities took your breath away.

You were inspired by your friend’s relationship with their bird and became excited about the possibility of owning one.

Before you rush to get a bird for your own flock, let’s first take a look at what you are actually getting into.

You should also be aware of the financial commitment that is involved in raising a parrot.

You need to plan for both the initial and ongoing costs of ownership.

What is the cost of a parrot? How Much Does a Parrot Cost to Own?

Parrot species have their own set of options, just like any other prized pet.

Depending on the origin of your bird and its color mutations, the price you end up paying for bringing your feathered friend home may vary greatly. For example, there is a huge difference in Cockatoos versus Cockatiels.

Birds Facts

There are many sources, including rescue centers, breeders, and pet shops. In a separate guide, we will cover each source in detail.

Although we recommend that you adopt from a local rescue center, the prices listed below are based on the current U.S. market. Dollars for various breeders and pet shops. It is easy to compare their prices online.

Prices reflect the most common/typical species, but rare color mutations may be included when appropriate.

Let’s now look at the cost of buying a bird and then discuss any ongoing costs or additional considerations that you might need for each addition to your flock.

Prices for Parrots & Pet Birds (In Alphabetical order by Species and subspecies)

African Grey Parrot Prices: $800-3,600

African Grey Parrots can be expensive. The price tag for an African Grey Parrot is comparable to that of an English Bulldog but without the slobber. The smart bird can be divided into two types: Congo or Timneh. CAGs, the Congo African Greys (CAGs), are the most common.

  • Congo African Grey
  • Timneh African Grey

Amazon Parrot Prices: $500-$2,500

These birds are popular in the Amazon jungle and come in many subspecies. The average price is $1,500.

  • Blue Fronted Amazon
  • Amazon Crowned with Lilacs
  • Mealy Amazon
  • Amazon with orange wings
  • Panama Amazon
  • Red Head Amazon
  • Red Lored Amazon
  • Spectacle Amazon
  • Amazon White-Fronted
  • Yellow Naped Amazon
  • Amazon Double Yellow Headed

Prices for Budgies: $15-$100

Budgerigars, also known as Budgies, are one of the most affordable and popular pet birds in the entire world. Coincidence? It is not, I believe. Many budgie owners begin with just one or two budgies and then find themselves managing a whole budgie family before they realize it.

  • Albino Budgie
  • Black Budgie
  • English Budgie
  • Feather Duster Budgie
  • Green Budgie
  • Lutino Budgie
  • Opaline Budgie
  • Pink Budgie
  • Rainbow Budgie
  • Red Budgie
  • Violet Budgie
  • White Budgie
  • Yellow Budgie

Caique Parrot Price: $900-$2,000

These playful, mid-sized birds are difficult to find. There are two types of White Bellied Caiques. The Black Headed Caique is generally more expensive than the White Bellied Caique.

  • Black Headed
  • White Bellies

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