How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 4 Bedroom House?

 How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 4 Bedroom House?

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Cost of Painting a 4 Bedroom House

The cost of painting a home is calculated on a square meter basis and will depend on various factors. Given below is an estimate of painting costs for the interiors and exteriors of a home:

  • Interior: $20-$30 per square meter
  • Brick Exterior: $15 – $45 per square meter
  • Timber Exterior: $12 – $60 per square meter

Typically, it can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $20,000 to paint a four-bedroom home.

How do Painters Calculate the Cost?

Professional painters usually provide estimates to paint an entire house. The cost is calculated based on the square meter. The quote can also include paints and other supplies. Factors that professional painters take into consideration while providing a quotation include:

  • Any repairs or surface preparation
  • Any trims or architraves present
  • Number of doors that need painting
  • Height of the Ceiling

Factors included while calculating the exterior painting cost of the house include:

  • Ease of access to the home
  • Whether it is on a level block
  • Is the house a multi-level building
  • Will scaffolding be required
  • Will the exterior fascias need treatment

Factors that Affect Painting Cost

Below are the common factors that will affect the cost of painting your home:

Condition of the House

The age, condition, and style of the house can impact the painting cost. An older house may need more preparation and cost more than a comparatively new home. Typically, Federation and Victorian homes cost more to paint than contemporary homes due to the decorative cornices, high ceilings, and ceiling roses.

Access to the Home

How easy or difficult it is to access your home can affect the cost of painting. Not only your home but how easily the painters can access areas that need to be painted will also affect the cost. A fully furnished home where the furniture cannot be moved can cost more as it will limit the amount of space for the painting team to work in.


Certain details in your home like the types of windows, ceilings, and architraves can impact the cost of painting. For instance, Timber French Windows or ceilings with molded cornices may cost more to get painted.

Type of Paint

The quality and type of paint used can impact the cost of painting your home. High-quality paints and specialized coats will cost more. However, these will also give a better finish to your home and protect it against the elements.  

Number of Coats Needed

Another important contributing factor is the number of coats required. If you want a dramatic color on your walls, you may need more coats than a simple refresh of your existing paint itself. A high number of coats will increase the amount of paint you need and the hours of work required by the painting team, thereby increasing the cost.

Permits and Access Requirements

Professional painters often use special equipment to access different parts of your home. Some of this equipment includes swing stages, rope access, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, and abseil equipment. All of this equipment can increase the cost of your painting project. Another contributing factor is the permits required to access footpaths, rails, powerlines, and roads around your house. A professional painting contractor will include the cost of getting these permits in the quotation. 

Tips to Save Money on House Painting

Below are tips to save money while painting your home:

Acquire Materials from a Sole Trader

Working with a small company and getting materials from a single trader can save you some money. While the cost of paint per liter will vary based on brand and type, you may get a discount of about 20-25% if you choose a small company. 

Prep the Home Yourself

Prep work is a part of the painting cost for your home. If possible, prepare the walls of your home yourself. You will have to scrape, sand, and file the walls before the professional painters take over.

Watch Out for Deals and Discounts

Keep an eye out for any promotions on paints and paint supplies. You will need a large amount of paint if you are painting your entire house. These discounts and sales can help you save a portion of that cost.

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