How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

 How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

It depends on the scale of water damage. On average, it costs around AU$5,100 for water damage restoration. It is an average cost for drying up clean water. Moreover, if there are more damage and needs services like carpets restoration and water extraction, it may go up to AU$7500. 

Factors that Determine the Cost

The category of the damage is the primary determining factor of cost. It plays a vital role in determining the cost of flood damage restoration. We have three categories of water damage. 

Clean Water Damage

Clean water damage is when you face a sudden flood due to pipe bursts and leakages. We quote the lowest charges for this. 

Gray Water Damage

When you face a sudden flood due to contaminated water such as leakages from the bathtub, washing machine etc., we always charge a reasonable fee for it. 

Black Water Damage

It is the riskiest restoration process, and we charge a comparatively higher rate for this. The black flood water contains bacteria, viruses and other harmful chemicals. Sewage overflow is one of the sources of black water. 

The Extent of Damage and the Area Affected

Another factor that impacts the cost of water damage restoration services is the extent of water damage. We advise you to call us as soon as possible because timely mitigation is necessary; otherwise, it makes our process harder, so you may have to bear higher costs.

Similarly, if the wall, furniture, or carpets are not affected due to a leak, the restoration would take less time, and we will charge less for our service. 

When your property is damaged by heavy rain or stormwater during the flood situation, the restoration cost may go up to AU$7000.  

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

The timeframe of flood damage restoration depends on the size of the affected area and category of damage. Usually, it takes two to three days for complete restoration. If there is severe damage, then it will take five days. 

When You Need Water Damage Restoration?

Whether residential or commercial premises, many problems may lead you to hire water extraction and carpets restoration services. Here are some causes: 

  • Pipe leaks and burst 
  • Plumbing problems and overflow
  • Natural disasters
  • Damaged appliances
  • Sewage backflow 

If you notice any problem, please do not waste your time doing DIY solutions; please consult an expert to reduce your restoration costs.   

What Factors Influence the Water Restoration Costs?

The damage itself has a big influence on the cost of water damage restoration services. The time duration, workforce, equipment also impacts the total cost. 

Do you want to know more and understand all terms and conditions? Please feel free to call Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide.

They use industry-grade equipment to complete the restoration process and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


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