How much money does Richard Branson have

 How much money does Richard Branson have

How much money does Richard Branson have

How much money Richard Branson has and how he became the first billionaire to go into space

How much money Richard Branson has and how he became the first billionaire to go into space, Much has been said lately about the space race starring billionaires Jeff Bezos (Amazon and Blue Origin), Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX), and Richard Branson (Virgin Group, to which Virgin Galactic belongs). In the competition to go out to the tourism space, it is the latter that has taken the cat to the water. On July 11, Branson reached a maximum altitude of 85 kilometers with the Unity spacecraft, which allowed him to enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness, opening the way for tourist suborbital flights that he plans to start offering in early 2022.

Currently, Branson, the son of a lawyer and a stewardess, enjoys a fortune that, according to the stock price of the moment, is around 5,000 million dollars. His money from him comes from a conglomerate of firms grouped under the umbrella of the Virgin brand. More than 360 companies such as the Virgin aeronautical companies, Virgin Books, Virgin Drinks, Virgin Heath Bank, Virgin Hotels, etc… Although it all started more than 50 years ago when, after traveling through the English Channel and buying pirated records or On balance, Branson began selling them in London using his car as a point of sale or through outlets (since 1970 he started selling them by mail order). How Richard Branson made his first million

Perhaps that is why Virgin Records has been Branson’s most emblematic company, and it is said that, when he sold it in 1992 (for a billion dollars), he was seen crying inconsolably by London’s Ladbroke Grove: he had just parted ways with the one I considered the jewel in his crown. Although it is true that at the age of sixteen he launched his own magazine called Student, getting 8,000 dollars in publicity in his first issue. Branson attributes his success to him to luck, speed, and hard work, but the truth is that his model of entrepreneurship is an example of courage, originality, anticipation, and playing with the rules, often leaning over the edge of the abyss. .

His first million dollars was achieved in 1973 with the album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, a Virgin production that managed to sell five million copies. His label always opted for artists as controversial as the Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, or Ozzy Osbourne. In 1981 Virgin Books and Virgin Video were born, and three years later he associated with Randolph Fields to create Virgin Atlantic, an aeronautical company with a differentiating purpose in its quality of service. In 2001 he got into the mobile and telecommunications business. The idea of ​​​​tourist space flights was born with Virgin Galactic in 2004. Where does the king of the Virgin live?

As for personal properties, he is mainly known for five houses and three islands in different areas of the world, including South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, London, and Switzerland. His main residence is considered to be Necker Island, one of the British Virgin Islands, located very close to the Dominican Republic, which he acquired in 1978 for $180,000.

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