How Often Will I Need Mosquito Control?


It’s common knowledge that you need to eliminate mosquitoes from the environment as soon as their presence is confirmed. These pests are known to carry dangerous diseases like West Nile, Dengue fever, and Zika virus, as well as the popular Malaria. Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds is crucial in making your home more secure. You can do this by employing our services at Mosquito Authority. Professional mosquito control can help you eliminate mosquitoes by spraying insecticides (one of the most effective methods of controlling mosquitoes), traps, biological control, and genetic control.

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but not all mosquitoes pose a health risk to humans despite their tendency to bite. Only approximately a dozen mosquito species in the United States and its territories are known to transmit diseases.

In this article, we will tell you how often you will need mosquito control and other methods to control mosquitoes.

When Should You Spray Your Yard To Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Depending on where you reside in the United States, mosquito season may begin in May or June, but in most cases, March is a good time to start spraying because mosquito season can last from March to October.

Just before the start of the season is an ideal time to begin spraying. Due to the rapid rate at which mosquitoes may reproduce, it is advisable to apply an insecticide spray to your yard before any potential mosquito nests.

Spraying around dusk is most effective since adult mosquitoes hunt for food (mosquitoes feed on human or animal blood) around this time. The spraying time is very important because the aerosol fog primarily targets flying insects.

Using natural repellent is one of the best approaches to reducing mosquitoes in your yard without harming the health of your family’s dogs and children. Although chemical repellents are more effective than natural ones, they might require you to be away from the yard or home for a few hours or days, depending on how strong the chemical is.  

How Often Will I Need Mosquito Control?

The frequency with which you must apply mosquito control treatments might vary depending on the product used and the instructions for doing so.

It’s important to keep in mind that different mosquito control companies may be utilizing different products. So you are likely to see a difference in the time frames they apply their treatments.

For the most part, pest control firms schedule a total of seven appointments spread out throughout the mosquito season. Most companies use mosquito control treatments to eliminate mosquitoes at the perfect time of year.

Importantly, since the effects of the repellent weaken over time, frequent applications are crucial. Therefore, to prevent mosquito infestations, an area must be sprayed every 30-40 days from May through September. However, when extremely strong and more toxic chemicals are used, the spraying interval may be longer. 

Mosquito Control Methods

There are many methods to control mosquitoes and keep your home and environment free from these noisy insects that can make you sick. 

  • Chemical Method

Chemical insecticides can be sprayed directly onto breeding grounds and resting places to remove mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes (both indoors and out).

  • Genetic Method

It employs mosquitoes with altered genetics to kill off larvae or the hatching of eggs before they have a chance to develop into pests.

  • Environmental Methods

This involves making environmental conditions unsuitable for mosquitoes to reproduce. A great example is the use of Sub-soil drainage— a method where drains are buried out of reach of mosquitoes.

  • Source Method

It’s general knowledge that standing water is a mosquito breeding ground. This is why removing stagnant water is an important method in mosquito control. Perhaps you need to realize that it might only take up the space of a bottle cap.

  • Biological Method

This involves employing mosquito-specific parasites, predators, diseases, and symbiotes as control agents. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) and Bacillus sphaericus (Bsf) bacteria, as well as fish, have proven to be the most effective biocontrol agents to date. With this method, there is far less possibility of mosquito resistance developing. Also, biological control is harmless to the environment and other non-target creatures. 

In conclusion, your battle to get rid of mosquitoes may have worn you out if it has gone on for some time. But you can defeat the mosquitoes without giving in to them. There are solutions available that can help you deal with mosquito nuisance. Just make sure to find the right company to help. They will examine the area and come up with the most suitable solution. 

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