How Prescription Discount Cards Are Good Deals For The Patients?

In recent years prescription discount cards and coupons and discount cards have become a common thing for drugs and medications across the globe. The drug manufacturers state that these discount cards are of great value and help patients in getting the medicine as per their requirement.

But the objective of the insurance sector is to direct patients more towards expensive branded drugs that leads the insurers to cover the entire cost that the consumers have to pay in huge premiums. By using the prescription discount cards, patients can not only save money but also a lot of time. There is no pressure of paying hefty premiums on buying branded medicines.

What are prescription discount cards or coupons?

Prescription discount cards are kind of deal coupons that are issued by the drug manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies for the consumers without any middlemen. These discount cards are implemented at the point of sale and help patients to save money from paying huge premiums for using costly and branded medicines. These coupons can also work for the patients who have not enrolled with any insurance plans. It benefits them by reducing the cost to be paid and thus it can be used for other priority things

Key benefits of prescription discount cards

Prescription discount cards are always enticing given the high cost & demand of medications. Everyone wants to save money on medicines and the cards are the best way to save whether you have or not have insurance. offers a list of prescription discount cards that help patients to save money.

  • The most important benefit of prescription discount cards is that it helps in saving money that has to be paid from the pocket even after using costly and branded drugs. The insured prices for identical or equivalent medications can be reduced with the help of coupons
  • The prescription discount cards are valuable especially for those patients who do not have insurance, they only cover certain medications. Further it can create serious problems for the uninsured patients who require a prescription not covered by one of these discount programs.
  • The best way to use prescription discount cards is as an additional resource to your existing health insurance plan. At times it is even cheaper to pay out of pocket by using such discount cards, but usually the health insurance plans are more reliable when it comes to lowering the costs on your prescriptions.

Pros and cons of prescription discount cards

There are pros and cons of using prescription discount coupons when it comes to how manufacturer-sponsored, direct-to-consumer drug coupons and pharmacy network discount cards impact the pharmacies.

  • Certainly, when the prices are lower, the access for patients will be increased. It is the best part of the prescription discount cards and the worst part it involves a lot of time to process.
  • The discount cards increase patients to pharmacies that accept them but at the same time the traffic is increased and is not able to balance the revenue loss that has happened because of dispensing, safety, adherence, immunizations, and wellness programs that are actually not good.

Tips to follow while using prescription discount coupons

One should be very careful while using these discount cards. You cannot rely on every card nor each of them is useful. Hence, it is recommended to do a bit of research prior to using these cards and choose wisely the relevant and convenient one. Here are some of the important criteria that need to be considered during evaluation.

  • Look if there is a membership fee and if it is there do not use it. Always look for a free coupon or card.
  • Check if the prescription discount card company is HIPAA compliant and if it is not there are chances that your personal health information is not protected.
  • Learn where exactly the discount card can be used. As every covers a different network of pharmacies at which it is accepted. If you have a trusted local pharmacy, try to find out which cards they accept.
  • Finally, how these discount cards are made available to patients. Some cards can be carried along in the wallet and some need to be downloaded from the website and then take a print out of it, and some are available in the mobile application. The apps also have additional features that help to know the cheapest prices in the nearby area.

Final thoughts

Basically, prescription discount cards are an impactful part of a complex healthcare landscape. These discount cards are not always free- in reality there are some hidden costs associated with it – the cost of reduced privacy and increased risk for users. It can also negatively impact the local, independently owned pharmacies. At times, the benefits of these discount cards may be greater than the total costs, especially when you are underinsured – but it is your decision entirely.

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