How Professionals Clean a Water Damaged Carpet?

 How Professionals Clean a Water Damaged Carpet?

Groundwater, floodwater, leakages in pipes and many others factors can be the reason behind the water damage to the carpet. When the dirty water from sewage and flood accumulate in large quantity, there are high chances of carpet decaying. Reviving the original condition of the carpet can be tough in such situations. But, if the water damage is not severe, professional carpet cleaners can easily clean the carpet. Mould and unpleasant odour are two major challenges faced by professionals while cleaning the carpet. The experts use various types of techniques to clean a water damaged carpet. Let’s have a look at those steps:

1. Professionals inspect the carpet

Mould removal Canberra specialists start by looking at the damage that has been done to the carpet. Major stains, odour producing factors and mould infestation is identified by the professionals to prepare the plan. Apart from the problems, the carpet material and sources of water are also determined. Whenever you search for a trustworthy carpet cleaner, ask whether the company offers customised cleaning solutions or not. One type of treatment is never applicable to all types of materials, stains and problems. 

2. Furniture is removed and excess water is drained out

The expensive furniture and fragile items are removed from the carpet. The carpet cleaning and drying machines are huge and require space. Experts do not want any type of damage to the property and ensure that all the valuables are moved to some other area. All the excessive water is also removed using different tools. The professionals also lift the carpet to ensure that the excessive water underneath the carpet is also removed with the help of water pumps and other tools. 

3. Professionals ensure proper ventilation

The major reason behind the mould development is the lack of sunlight and air. The technicians open all the windows and ventilators to facilitate drying and circulation of air in the room. Bad odour is also reduced by ensuring proper ventilation. 

4. Mould removal treatment

The fungal spread on the carpet can be hazardous to human health. Vacuum cleaning is the first step taken by the specialists to remove the mould remains from the carpet. The disposal of this debris is also a difficult task because the fungus spreads wherever the debris is thrown. Mould removal products are used by professionals to eradicate the mould from the carpet. A mould-infected carpet produces a really bad smell. The carpet odour removal Canberra procedure is also followed with help of deodorising products. 

4. Stain removal treatment

The stains formed because of dirty water can be difficult to clean. A special stain removal solution is sprayed by the experts on the carpet to eliminate the stains. The professionals make sure that the stains caused by mould are also cleaned. It is recommended that the carpet must be cleaned and dried as soon as possible after water flooding because the stains become tougher and the damage reaches the depth after some hours. 

5. Selection of carpet cleaning methods

After specific treatment of stains, odour and mould, overall cleaning of the carpet is done. There are methods like steam cleaning process, hot water extraction and carpet shampooing that can be used by professionals to clean the floor covering. The technicians always select the process after understanding the climate, budget and material of the carpet. Over-wetting of the carpet is usually avoided because the condition of a water damaged carpet becomes worse after more water. 

Steam cleaning is one of the best methods that are preferred by homeowners and business owners because it involves no use of direct water. The water converted into steam. Steam formed in the steam cleaner helps in removing the microbial growth and odour. Even the stains are removed easily with this method. 

A wet carpet can become home to viruses, bacteria and fungus. These microorganisms cause skin infections, stomach infections and respiratory problems. Proper sanitisation after carpet cleaning is necessary to kill the disease-causing germs. The air becomes clean and the surroundings look hygienic after this step. 

6. Drying of carpet

The final yet most crucial step of carpet cleaning is the drying part. Mould removal Canberra specialists dry the carpet properly so that the mould does not grow. Moisture checkers are used to monitor the humidity in the carpet. Dehumidifiers are also used to remove the humidity at a fast pace. When everything is done, the experts allow the clients to move on the carpet. 

Isn’t it a systematic approach that specialists follow to clean the carpet? Whenever there is a problem of water flooding in any residential or commercial place, the owner should always select a professional company than DIY hacks.

ConclusionThe DIY hacks that involve blotting paper and towels are not effective in cleaning the stains and mould on the carpet. Taking professional help can provide a long-lasting solution to various problems. If you want to save money on carpet replacement, make sure you choose the right carpet cleaning company on time. Right from carpet odour removal Canberra to stain removal, everything is done with perfection by certified experts.


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