How Progressive Web Apps Can Help Your Business Succeed

 How Progressive Web Apps Can Help Your Business Succeed

In addition to the exponential growth of app downloads, their impact on the business ecosystem also spurs business owners to develop an app. Developing an app has evolved into a necessary step for most companies, much like many years ago when creating a website.

With a PWA, users can experience the speed and functionality of the internet on a mobile device. The native apps are more expensive and require a lot of storage space on the users’ devices. Hence, the popularity of PWA has risen because users over native ones prefer them. Businesses have also started switching from native to PWA because PWA takes up less space and isn’t as expensive, and it is now viewed as one of the drivers of business success. With the right PWA development company, you can build feature-rich PWA for your business. 

Let’s know the reasons for investing in Progressive Web App development. 

App-like Look and Feel

There has always been a greater demand for mobile apps than websites. Numerous reasons make native applications popular among users, including its easy-to-use interface, offline functionality, and personalized experience.

PWA, which combines the best website and application elements, has proven to be a win-win for its users. Their views are astounded by its appearance and performance, identical to the native application.

Low Data Usage

Due to the limited storage requirements and lower data usage of PWAs compared to native apps, they contribute to better overall performance on smartphones.

Uber built a progressive web app that functions on 2G networks to give low-end mobile users an app-like web experience. Therefore, regardless of your device, network speed, or location, you can book a ride with Uber’s PWA. It’s also helpful if your phone is not compatible with their mobile app or you’re in an area with spotty service.

Works Offline

It’s true! The PWA has revolutionized the way online users interact with their sites since they can have a similar experience offline as they do online.

Despite similarities to the company’s native mobile app, Starbucks’ Progressive Web App is the only feature that works offline. Their PWA lets offline users browse their menu, personalize orders, and add items to their cart while offline. You can check the prices of each store and place online orders. Therefore, with the help of the Progressive Web App services, you can create a similar app that works offline. 

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Remarkable User-Experience

PWAs consume a small amount of data and take up much less space on the smartphone than native apps.

To give its users a similar mobile app experience to their mobile web app, Uber built a progressive web app that runs on 2G networks. Due to this, Uber’s PWA allows you to book a ride no matter your location, device, or internet connection. If you live in a place with spotty service or the mobile app is not compatible with your phone, this will be useful.

Discoverable On Search Engines

The search engines can quickly discover progressive Web Apps on the web. Unlike Native apps, these apps’ URLs can be crawled and indexed by search engines. It is why users can find them directly on search engines page results. 

Compared with responsive/regular web pages, PWA has better performance and engagement, which helps your website rank better and search engine optimized. It can rank even better.

Wrapping It Up!!

Having progressive web apps in your mobile toolkit is a great idea. When done correctly, they can run without an internet connection, operate as a native app, and are fast. Together, PWAs can provide your users with a fantastic user experience and increase their retention rates.

You must consider other factors aside from customer loyalty and satisfaction to add value to your business. Multiple market players like Forbes, AliExpress, and Twitter depend on these apps because of their affordable development cost, added security, and platform support.

You need to consider switching to Progressive Web Apps to take advantage of their full potential for your business since they are the way of the future. Start by partnering with a technology provider to help you create this future-proof solution. Seek assistance from Progressive Web App development company and build a market-ready app for your business. 

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