How Seed and Grass Helps to Manage Erosion

hillside erosion control products
hillside erosion control products

Managing erosion is a common issue faced by many. Luckily, many different types of grass can be used as effective hillside erosion control products.

When choosing the specific type of grass, a range of factors must be considered. These factors include germination seed, slope, water requirements, and climate. Since the growth of many types of grass largely depends on the day length and temperature, you should always double-check which erosion control grass seed is best for your location.

It’s not uncommon for people to choose to grow grass on erosion-prone areas, such as slopes and hills. When growing grass for erosion control, you want quick germination. For this reason, erosion control seed contains more than one type of grass to maximize the opportunity for root development and growth.

So, what are the best types of grass to use as hillside erosion control products?

Native Grasses

Native grasses grow naturally, and the best native grass for erosion control largely depends on your slope or hill location.

  • Sedge – there are over 100 different species of Sedge to choose from, and it is an excellent option for erosion prevention, especially during fall and winter. It requires minimal maintenance care.
  • Rye – as a quickly germinating grass, Rye is a great option to prevent or manage erosion on your slope or hill. It is also drought-resistant, so it can be grown in fall and winter.
  • Annual Ryegrass – also great for growing in fall and winter, Annual Ryegrass is a great erosion control grass seed for your slope or hill. It’s especially helpful in wet or rocky conditions or areas where the soil conditions are poor due to the shallow roots that it forms.
  • Perennial Ryegrass – another grass that forms shallow roots is the Perennial Ryegrass. It’s one of the fastest-growing erosion control seed products, making it great for emergency or short-term erosion control. It’s also ideal for areas with high volumes of foot traffic. Commonly, it is grown in warmer environments.

Southern Grasses

  • Bermuda Grassa fast-growing southern grass is Bermuda grass. It is tolerant of droughts and grows in more extreme temperatures, making it great as an erosion control product.
  • Bahia – this grass is slow to grow and spreads more slowly than other types of grass. However, once the roots have been formed, the grass can grow tall fairly quickly. Bahia is also a very low-maintenance grass and has a high heat tolerance.

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