How Solo Travelers Can Meet Locals

 How Solo Travelers Can Meet Locals

Solo Travelers


Traveling on your own is extremely rewarding, especially when you connect with locals.


Go to Restaurants and Bars

Many travelers that want to meet locals often visit popular bars and restaurants, but it’s not always that easy interacting with strangers, especially if you find yourself surrounded by couples and groups engaged in conversations. It’s important to know how to interact with locals in this new atmosphere. First, don’t focus on your phone or book. Take a look around you. Make eye contact. When you walk into a room smiling and curious, you’ll find that people respond differently. Start asking open ended questions and feel free to ask for help. You’ll find a majority of people you meet will enjoy helping people and it’s a great way to build new relationships. 

Stay at a Bed-and-Breakfast

The place you stay at will definitely affect your entire experience in a new place including who you’ll meet. If you’re staying in a luxury hotel, the concierge will be able to help you, but you definitely will hae less opportunities to interact with locals. If you book a bed-and-breakfast, you’ll be able to interact with the locals that own it and they’ll be able to give you great tips on things to do and not to do in the city. You’ll at least find yourself having a cup of coffee and a conversation each morning. 

Social Media and Apps

Technology offers new ways to meet people, practically anywhere you go. You should consider trying the following:

Facebook: Ask your friends if they have any acquaintances in places you plan on visiting; if they do, they ask if they can introduce you. You can find gatherings for practically any type of hobby you have with people that share common interests. This popular platform is aimed at connecting travelers and locals that share common interests. Travelers can meet locals and make new connections before ever stepping foot on a plane. It’s a great app that helps you make new friends everywhere you go. 

Tinder: This popular dating app is often used for travelers seeing romantic connections with locals. 

Bumble: Bumble is another popular app aimed at facilitating platonic friendships. 


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