How Startup Companies Can Benefit From Remote Developers

 How Startup Companies Can Benefit From Remote Developers

The pandemic of COVID-19 has proven to be a catalyst for remote developers. There are many startups that are looking to hire a remote developers team. Whereas, others have gone completely remote. In this article, we shall discuss some advantages of this decision.

●      Get Diverse Talent From Around The World

What sets remote developers apart from freelancers is that they are working for your company full time. However, the work environment becomes virtual. A freelancer is mostly a part of short-term projects. 

When a startup is in its initial stages, it does require a dedicated team to keep it afloat. With the option of hiring a remote developers team, you get exposed to a range of talent available online. In addition, it is a great way to expand your network.

One can find talented individuals from areas that they least expect. Also, it saves a huge amount of time and cash spent on training new software developers.  The startup founder or team leader has to list their requirements online. This helps to streamline the process and build up a team of experts.

●      Improved Employee Retention Means Better Results

When employees perform better, it fosters a healthy work environment and produces better results. According to a study by ApolloTechnical, “On average, those who work from home spend 10 minutes less a day being unproductive, work one more day a week, and are 47% more productive.”

Less time is spent on a daily commute, office lunches, and sitting in the same spot throughout the day. As a result, mental strain is reduced. Software development requires a lot of patience, time, and a certain level of concentration. It can be very frustrating sometimes.

As a startup, each and every project is pivotal to the growth of the company. With a team of remote developers, a startup leader can expect a better outcome.

●      You Can Avoid Wastage of Money

For a startup, especially one in its initial stages, saving money is an integral part of the growing process. In the case of companies that hire software engineers who work remotely, extra costs are cut down to a noticeable extent.

With an in-house team, the startup founder has to pay for electricity, gas, utilities, training, etc. With a remote development team, all of this can change. The company has to arrange for systems for their employees as software development demands high-performance computer systems.

If a company chooses to go remote, they get rid of extra burdens such as accommodating some basic needs of the employees. Whereas, software developers get to work from their spaces of comfort. It is a win-win for everyone.

●      Increased Availability Of Team Members

This is the most interesting part when a company chooses to hire a remote developers team. With members from around the world, your team can be available at different timings around the day. This is a massive advantage, especially if a startup has to work with companies from various countries.

Hence, workflow is never disturbed. Plus, the company can allocate fixed hours for employees in varying geographical locations. For instance, a person in a certain timezone can work according to that. Whereas, the other can continue his work at another. In case of meetings or if communication between the two parties is important, then the team leader can inform his team members.

Therefore, the frequency of work remains consistent. With this approach, a work strategy is formulated and the startup finds that there is no hindrance in the progress of any project.


People might believe the contrary, but hiring remote developers can be a great decision for your company. Especially if it is a startup business. With inflation and high costs of fuel, it is a solution that is also better for the environment. Taking all these benefits in mind, a startup leader should make a decision that promotes growth for the company as well as its employees.


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