How to 10x Your SEO Strategy?

 How to 10x Your SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is frequently carried out in a silo, but this is a crucial error, particularly if you want to use SEO to generate B2B leads. If you strategically incorporate B2B SEO with your other marketing initiatives, your marketing will be more successful and will produce more leads.

In your B2B lead generation framework, SEO can play a significant, leading role. However, in order to maximise your lead gen results through SEO, you need more than just the SEO fundamentals. To that end, we advise adding the following 10 steps as fuel to your lead generation machine:

How Does 10x Content Work?

A piece of content is considered 10x if it is at least ten times better than the next best item on the same topic that is currently available online. The main advantage of 10x Content is that it has a good chance of showing up highly on Google for a particular keyword. Furthermore, compared to content that is inferior to what has already been published, 10x Content might get more social shares and links. Here is some background information on this strategy.

Why Is 10x Content So Effective?

The world of content marketing is extremely crowded and cutthroat. In fact, 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, according to TubeFilter. That only includes YouTube. There is probably a tonne of content online covering almost any topic or SEO term you can think of. Most likely, a lot of that content is also quite good.

SEO Adelaide content that is already performing well in Google is probably backed up by some links. Additionally, the website on which it is hosted might be reputable. Therefore, merely improving an existing piece of “great content” won’t be sufficient to overcome that content’s “first-mover advantage.” Determine the keywords you want to rank for and research the competition in that field.

In this manner, you can confidently produce content that is actually ten times better than what has come before.

As per professional’s experience, a lot of people have trouble with content marketing because they are unfamiliar with the market for content. And it typically results in subpar content that isn’t all that different from what has gone before.

Construct An SEO Ecosystem

Prior to creating an ecosystem of content, links, and value that is in line with searcher intent, target specific topics. Never fool yourself into thinking that two or three blog posts on a particular subject are enough to achieve high rankings in Google. Instead, create a content calendar (including content for third parties and on your website) that is in line with a PR and amplification strategy, and show genuine authority and engagement on your target topics (speaking at industry events, etc.).

Consider supplementary elements that increase your relevance. Spend just as much time on branding and the onsite experience following a click if you really want leads from your SEO as you do on pre-click positioning.

Analyze Google Page One like There’s No Tomorrow

What will it take for me to appear higher in the SERPs? Analyse each of the Page One results for the keywords that are most important to you. This will give you a much more accurate understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Keywords & Target Topics Throughout The Journey

Brands look for SEO success far too frequently at just one level of the funnel. Looking to cut through the clutter and grab attention at the top of the funnel with broad, generic topics will help you increase the return on investment from your SEO efforts. Throughout their journey, nurture your audience with pertinent content that addresses their concerns and progressively provides more value. Finish with brand- and comparison-specific terms.

Increase SERP CTR

Forget rankings if you want leads. It involves getting clicks on your organic listings in the search engine results pages (Search Engine Results Pages). You can immediately generate a higher ROI by simply increasing your CTR if you rank for certain terms but receive little traffic from the listings (click-through rate).

According to Larry Kim, your organic ranking increases by one position for every 3% increase in CTR for a listing above the anticipated rate. By testing various title tag and meta description text and treating your listing like an advertisement, you can increase click-through rates.

Implement Behavioural Analytics

SEO traffic generation is only one-half of the battle. What happens after they arrive at your website is the other half. Utilise behavioural analytics to determine what users are viewing on the page, how far down they are scrolling, where they are hovering, and what they are clicking in order to better understand their onsite experience. Utilise this information to change the web pages themselves to increase engagement and activity. Software for behavioural analytics such as Mouseflow, Hotjar, and Fullstory are all excellent choices.

Use IP Detection Software

One thing SEO can do for your website is drive traffic to it. Knowing exactly which businesses are on your website is a completely different matter. Implement IP detection software on your website, so that you’ll be able to follow up with new visitors, understanding the precise keywords that brought them to the site and the precise content with which they interacted. You will be able to convert more of your SEO traffic into actual leads if you have this level of comprehension of their intent and engagement.

Convert Outdated Content Into Fresh Leads

Many SEOs overlook this tactic because they primarily concentrate on creating new content. Instead, in this strategy, focus on the articles that, regardless of their age, are already driving the most site traffic. After that, turn the page into a lead generator. What CTAs (Calls-To-Action) are available for the page’s header? in the post itself, inline? as a subsequent step, at the bottom of the article? Would it be possible to test different CTAs and see which generates the most interest?

Consider updating the post and adding a current date if the content is an old blog post that displays the publication date. If you need results from lead generation that come about fairly quickly.

Resolve Client Issues

Make an effort to address the primary problems your target audience has with your content if you want your SEO efforts to generate leads rather than just traffic. You’ll gain their trust if you give them power. This can be accomplished by creating checklists, whitepapers, ebooks, tools, resources, or even just incredibly helpful blog posts.

You can use macro data from keyword research tools and new question analysis tools like the BuzzSumo Question Analyzer, or micro data from customer surveys, onsite polls, onsite chat, executive calls with customers, or conversational bots, to find out what the customers’ problems are.

High-Intent Search Terms

Someone looking for “buy shaving cream,” for instance, is more likely to be prepared to make a purchase than someone looking for “shaving cream,” who may be doing research, comparing brands, looking at ingredients, etc.

A keyword like “web design” doesn’t contain a keyword that is ready for purchase. When someone searches for “web design,” they might be doing market research, looking to start a career, etc.

Include Call-To-Actions In The Content

CTAs for subscribing to your blog or newsletter should be added to your pages. Add CTAs to richer, more in-depth content on related subjects as well (e.g., offering a detailed checklist or whitepaper for the topic covered in a blog post, etc.). Once you have their attention, make sure you have the chance to keep sharing your insightful knowledge, advice, suggestions, and offers with them.

Incorporate A CTA For Your Services

CTAs to subscribe to a blog or newsletter are frequently added. However, go beyond subscriptions and employ CTAs to increase interest in your services. This is a chance that is frequently missed. While it’s important to avoid sounding “salesy,” you can still include a few CTAs that provide a solution to your reader’s main problems.


These pointers are for you if you wish to work more quickly on SEO and get more traffic in less time. These pointers will assist you optimise your website so that it appears higher in search engine results, increasing visitors. To speed up your workflow and complete more work in less time, you can also employ tools like automation.

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