How To Apply Nude Eyeshadow? A Complete Beginner’s Guide

 How To Apply Nude Eyeshadow? A Complete Beginner’s Guide

The aesthetically pleasing, bright, and colorful nude eyeshadow palettes are versatile and here to stay. Nude eyeshadows are a go-to-go choice with truly endless color options that can tone up with your makeup.

Whether you want to get ready for a club, office, or casual party, nude eyeshadow is an ideal choice. So, why not add some awesome nude eyeshadow palettes to your cosmetic cupboard. 

It will be best if you get your hands on making a nude eyeshadow look to get the best look! Read on to apply nude eyeshadow in just 5 minutes.

Before we move on to the step-by-step procedure to dress up your lids with nude makeup, pick the best nude eyeshadow palette that can embrace your makeup. If you want to give yourself a pretty touch, go for nude pink eyeshadow, as nothing can beat it’s tempting look.

Once you finalize your nude eyeshadow palette, it’s time to clean your beauty brushes and get them ready to beautify your eyelids. It would be best to pick a flat-shaped brush for your eyelids’ better and easier dress-up. 

How to apply Nude Eyeshadow?

Choose three colors from light to dark shades

The first step to applying nude eye makeup is to lay the foundation by picking three colors that suit your natural skin tone from light to dark shade to form a gradient look. 

The key to choosing the best color for nude eye makeup is to pick colors from the same color family. Also, avoid picking the colors that make you feel worn over makeup. 

Define your eyebrows

The next step to make nude eyeshadow look is to fill your eyebrows with a gray-brown or light-dark pencil, depending on your eyebrow shade. But do not over-outline your brows; keep it minimal and look natural.

Run the brush through eyebrows quickly in a natural direction to fill any patches. You can also use an eyebrow pencil to fill in bald spots.

Apply primer or concealer to your eyelids

To smoothen your skin and blur your pores, apply a primer base or concealer to your lids using your finger. Wash your hands, and then gently apply the primer onto your lids. 

Dust your crease with a lighter color

The fourth step is to dust your crease with a light color that can provide you with the transition between lighter and darker shades. Pick a color that can match your natural tone, and then gently apply the eyeshadow using a larger eye shadow brush in a circular motion to get the perfect shade. 

Apply the second lightest shade to the outer eyelid 

After dusting your crease, gently dab the corner brush in the nude eyeshadow and swipe the brush from the corner of your eye inward. Apply a few layers to bring the nude look to your eyes but not overpower the second shade. 

Apply the darkest shade to your crease

Make your eyelids more defined by filling them with the darkest shade you have chosen using a blending brush. Apply the darkest shade on your crease in a swiping motion and for a wider look, apply a little darker color to your lower lash line.   

Apply second lightest shade again

After applying the darkest color, retake the second lightest color and dust it over your eye’s corners using a blending brush to create a v-shape. Now, swipe the brush over the eyelid and eye’ corners until you get the look you want.

Highlight your eyebrows with the lightest shadow

After dressing up your lids, touch up your eyebrows using the lightest shadow of a nude eyeshadow palette. Gently highlight your brows with a corner brush, draw a line underneath the brow and dab the eyeshadow in the skin using your fingers.   

Draw a thin line to your upper lash line

Add a tiny amount of liquid eyeliner to your makeup to get the perfect nude look. Work with your eyes slowly to avoid smudging the liquid eyeliner across the upper lash line.  

Apply mascara

Apply a tiny amount of mascara using a brush for a more subtle and nude look. Go slowly with the mascara to avoid smudging it on your eyelid. That’s it; your nude eyeshadow look is ready to shake your day!

Takeaway!Dressing your eyes with nude eyeshadow is a fantastic way to stand out and bring a more classy look to your overall makeup. Choosing the right nude eyeshadow palette that can be worn day and night, you can perfectly get a subtle and bold look. Nude Envie is perfect for purchasing the warm and earthy tones of nude eyeshadow palettes and nude pink eyeshadow. So, why not give yourself a new look with Nudeevie’s eye-catching nude eyeshadow palette!

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