How To Beat A Speeding Ticket: How To Avoid Getting The Ticket

 How To Beat A Speeding Ticket: How To Avoid Getting The Ticket

The best way to beat a speeding ticket is of course to try not to get one. I doubt there’s one single driver who never went through the speeding ticket experience. So first, let’s talk some precautions measures to help you not to get a speeding ticket in the first place and then I’ll give you a few tips on how to beat a speeding ticket if you get one.

Always keep in mind that police officers are human beings. It’s their job to be on the streets, it’s their job to use the radar to check the speed of the cars. These guys just follow orders. So try to be polite and smart. Don’t start swearing or insulting or you may end up with your car impounded.

Never admit that you are guilty. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all than start using stupid excuses. The cop knows the law better than you and can use various methods against you later in court. So it’s better to just say nothing. Try to answer the cop’s questions with sentences like ‘Yes Officer, No Officer’.

Act scared, ignorant and stupid. Most cops will not write the ticket if they feel sorry for you or if you convince them that this speeding ticket means the end of your life. Tell them that you are sorry and that you never saw that sign, or that your wife just called you and told you to go home quickly. Something like that. Again cops are just humans and they can be outsmarted. If you show some respect you’re half way there.

But what happens if you get the ticket?

First of all don’t start arguing on the road. If you got the speeding the ticket there’s no way to reverse the situation. Everything you say may be used against you later in court. Cops give hundreds or even thousands of speeding tickets. DDon’t make the cop remember you in court because of arguing so stubbornly on the street. Just take the ticket, say nothing and drive away.

Now this is important. Try to remember everything from that day you got the speeding ticket lawyer nassau county. Was the traffic high? Was the weather bad? Which lane were you in? What was the speed limit? Write down all this information. It may help you later when you try to figure out a way of defending yourself and not paying for the speeding ticket.

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