How to best manage your meeting rooms

 How to best manage your meeting rooms

The cost of real estate is on the rise. Office space is the most expensive area for any company. Managers of offices try to maximize office space to reduce overhead costs and increase productivity.

Digitalization of business is key to optimizing workplaces. A desk reservation software for office management can dramatically improve how people work in modern offices.

Teams need to meet regularly to brainstorm and increase their productivity. Team members are competing to be the first to book conference rooms and meeting rooms. The online collaborative calendar allows them to collaborate on their schedules. This makes scheduling much more manageable when everyone is available.

DeskFlex’s online room scheduling software makes it easy, simple, and inexpensive to improve your workplace efficiency. Our online room planner software allows team members to make meeting room reservations in advance.

DeskFlex’s room reservation system prevents confusion caused by double bookings, no-shows, or lost reservations. The room reservation management software will display the current status of the rooms. It will also show whether workspaces are available for the next few minutes or booked throughout the week via the free meeting room booking app.

How to Use DeskFlex Room Booking Program

DeskFlex’s room and resource booking software are compatible with any company network. It also works with hundreds of other web-based software applications, such as:

  • Zapier Okta Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Active Directory
  • After the integration is completed, team members will download the DeskFlex mobile app version for iOS and Android.

The free conference room scheduling app allows users to make reservations for the next day and next week. Team members can instantly view and reserve their preferred workspaces by connecting to their meeting room scheduling devices via the internet.

Higher-ranking management can set up meetings, events, and conferences by logging in to the meeting room manager login. They can also send out alerts to participants. Staff with access to the meeting room booking engine can book conference rooms and additional equipment, such as overhead projectors and conference speakers. They can also connect to WiFi, make sound systems, or use the internet. DeskFlex’s equipment tracking system room availability shows the status of equipment in real-time.

DeskFlex office desk reservations software lets users modify, cancel or add notes to their room reservation reservations. If a particular workstation is equipped with meeting planning tools, users can reserve a parking spot.

DeskFlex makes it easy to book and schedule rooms!

Our room scheduling software protects reservations and bookings. This software makes it easy for employees to book rooms, eliminating conflicts, overbookings, and lost reservations. Our room booking system features are constantly updated to keep up with the changing needs of the times. Enjoy the basics of our online meeting room booking system, suitable for both small and large companies.

The DeskFlex room reservation management software reduces no-shows and human error by sending out text and email notifications after booking confirmation. Participants will receive email and text notifications when creating a meeting room reservation.

Our desk booking software lets you manage your office space potential. DeskFlex’s web-based room scheduling software provides detailed analytics and reports that allow users to track space usage. You can track how team members use the workspaces to determine which areas to renovate to meet their needs and preferences.


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