How to Build a Pergola? 

 How to Build a Pergola? 

When it comes to readying your garden for the summer months and all the garden parties and BBQs that come with that, a pergola is a great addition to any outdoor space. Whether you want to create some shade away from the scorching sun, or you want to have some shelter from those summer showers, a pergola is perfect for all manner of weather conditions. Additionally, you don’t need a huge amount of garden space for a pergola to work; its open sides make it ideal for gardens big and small. Read on to learn just how you can make your very own pergola. 


Before you can get going with the building some preparations need to take place, including a visit to the local tool suppliers. Once you have all your tools and materials in order, you can select the site for your pergola, clear all vegetation, measure the area, and mark out where the pergola will sit. After this, you can get going with the building process.


Once all primary preparations are in place, you can crack on with the building of your pergola.

Step One

Firstly, you’ll need to dig holes for every post at 1ft x 1ft wide and 2ft deep. A post can then be positioned in one of the holes and another one can sit in the neighboring hole. 

Step Two

Following this, a cross member will need to be placed across the two posts, as well as a spirit level to ensure that the posts are evenly positioned. Should they not be level with one another, you should backfill or infill the holes until they are. 

Step Three

The previous step can then be repeated with the outstanding uprights until everything is levelly installed. Next, scrap pieces will need to be nailed to the post so that they’re able to stand independently.

Step Four

After this, a stiff concrete mixture will need to be formed, using only a small amount of water to bind the ingredients. This mixture can then be poured into the holes; it’s a good idea to have someone hold the posts during this, to ensure they remain level.

Step Five

Once the mixture has been poured into the holes, it will need to be compacted. This can be achieved by using a separate piece of wood, whilst making certain that the post doesn’t move in the process. 

Step Six

Next, the post will need to be made level via the use of a plumb line, and these steps will need to be repeated on all other posts before the concrete is left to harden for two days. 

Step Seven

Upon the concrete being hardened, the sides of the pergola can be joined to the posts with the help of halving joints. These can be cut at the end of each cross member and bolted into position for each side.

Step Eight

With assistance, it’s time to affix the beams across the roof and attach them using mortice joints, which will be screwed to uprights at each end. This is the end of the building process, and your finished result should resemble a pergola.

Step Nine

Once your pergola is up and running, you can stain it and coat it with transparent water repellent. If you’d like to embellish it further, wires can be added to hang plants from; just make sure they’re fastened properly so that the plants don’t come tumbling down in windy conditions. 

Step 10

Enjoy your pergola! Once the paint is dry and the decorations are in place, you’re ready to go.

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