How to Buy Eco-friendly Glasses

Are you prepared to see green? Let’s discuss eco-friendly eyewear.

Who doesn’t want to contribute to protecting the environment? I know, silly question. The truth is, we all want to contribute in some way! We salute your efforts, whether you’re committed to eating more sustainably, conserving energy, or you’ve mastered recycling. Therefore, why not go a little further?

Yes, we are discussing environmentally friendly eyewear.

We understand what you’re thinking, okay. eco-friendly eyewear? When compared to, example, rapid fashion or rising gas emissions, is it really such a huge deal? After all, there are more pressing issues to address than another set of broken glasses in the trash.

You are heard. One pair might not matter all that much, but one pair isn’t really all there is. Approximately 64% of Americans wear prescription eyeglasses, and many more people wear reading glasses or sunglasses that are not prescription. And as you certainly well know, glasses lose their quality over time.

That implies that all those millions of pairs of glasses will eventually need to be replaced, often every two to three years. Sure, some of those glasses are given, but when the numbers are added together, there are still a lot of glasses going to waste. Even if they may not be large, they nonetheless have an influence.

The fact that there are glasses in our landfills and oceans is important, even though they might not be the main cause. We obviously can’t do away with eyewear altogether. — Could eco-friendly eyewear therefore contribute to the solution?

What exactly are “green” glasses?

Eco-friendly eyewear aims to offer all the advantages of glasses, like protecting your eyes and improving your vision, while also

  • lowering waste
  • minimise harm to the environment

The packaging of eco-friendly eyeglasses can be reconsidered, for example, or donations can be made to worthy causes. However, the majority of businesses concentrate on the components that go into making their glasses. This indicates that the majority of eco-friendly eyewear is reconsidering the use of virgin plastic and even acetate in favour of more eco-friendly material choices.

Why choose green lenses?

Going green benefits the environment without a doubt, but are there any additional justifications for picking eco-friendly reading glasses or sunglasses lenses ? Of course! There are many advantages to using eco-friendly eyewear, including the following:

You feel fantastic after they. Knowing that you are helping to reduce waste, fight pollution, and improve the globe allows you to stand a little straighter.

They are economical. Although many prescription lenses cost more up front, they are frequently more affordable over time. Because of the durability of these glasses, you won’t need to replace them as frequently, which is wonderful for your pocketbook.

They cause less harm. Who would want to go around with noxious chemicals on their face? Not us! Fortunately, eco-friendly glasses help keep dangerous substances and harmful chemicals at bay.

They are adaptable. It’s not uninteresting just because it’s eco-friendly. You can be sure you’ll find a pair of glasses you adore because sustainable eyewear comes in a wide variety. You’re sure to find a sustainable style that meets your needs, from stylish prescription options to environmentally friendly polarised sunglasses.

Five typical eco-friendly eyewear choices

Why do green glasses have a green design? In most cases, it all comes down to the components they are made of.


When it comes to eco-friendly materials, this one is a bit like the unspeakable elephant in the room. Is this product actually sustainable? Some respond “yes,” while others “no,” but it may all depend on how it was made.

Cellulose, which is present in virtually all plant cells, is used to create the semi-synthetic substance known as acetate. Sounds fairly sustainable, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, cellulose must be combined with a number of chemicals, including sulphuric acid, to create acetate.

Despite this, many businesses view acetate as an environmentally beneficial material for eyewear. After all, it’s still a vastly superior substitute for virgin plastic and other items made of petroleum. Acetate is one of the most functional and reasonably priced eyeglass materials available when it comes from trustworthy producers.

Better still? Bio-acetate, which employs natural plasticizers to remove pollutants from the production process, is now being tested by some businesses.

Bamboo or wood

Wood is as natural as it gets, right? Reclaimed wood and environmentally friendly materials like bamboo are excellent choices for glasses, but only if they are sourced ethically. Glasses made of wood are probably expensive. It’s also less flexible and robust, which can make working with it challenging and increase the likelihood that it will need to be replaced. Because of this, many brands combine wood with other materials or choose an acetate look that resembles wood, like our wood frame glasses.


Because they are such a great sustainable frame option, metal frames have a timeless appeal. Metal frames are frequently more dependable, light-weight, and flexible than plastic ones. Because of this, they represent a fantastic choice for individuals seeking glasses with a longer lifespan.

Titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, and metallic alloys, including items like nickel and copper, are some of the most widely utilised metals in glasses. Although generally speaking, metals are seen as being more environmentally friendly than plastic, it may all depend on how they are made. Make sure the metal frame you choose was sourced ethically.

Dated frames

Okay, so retro glasses aren’t technically a material, but bear with us! Few things are more environmentally friendly than using an old frame to create your new favourite pair of spectacles. Additionally, vintage frames have interesting styles, can be very reasonably priced, and are a terrific topic of conversation.

Of course, not everyone will be able to pull this off, but if you enjoy the look and can find a pair that fits, go for it!

Repurposed plastic

The idea of drinking glasses made from recycled plastic was absurd not too long ago. There are businesses today that are solely focused on them! Recycled eyewear is swiftly gaining popularity because it serves two purposes: it keeps plastic out of our oceans and landfills and reduces the need to make new plastics. To us, it sounds wonderful!

From recycled acetate to recycled plastic waste recovered from the ocean, you can find glasses made from a variety of recycled plastics. Don’t trust us? 

Discover how we utilise plastic bottle waste to further our goal of a more sustainable future by viewing our 5 TO SEE collection.

How to pick the best glasses for the environment

Are you unsure of what to look for when purchasing eco-friendly glasses? We have your back! Here are a few excellent indicators that your eco-friendly reading glasses or sunglasses live up to their claims.

  • glasses components. Right, glasses are more sustainable the more sustainable the materials are. Look for companies that use recycled or ethically sourced materials to create their eco-friendly eyewear.
  • Packaging. GLASSES THAT ARE ECO-FRIENDLY DESERVE ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAG Choose companies who sell their glasses in simple, recyclable packaging.
  • Production. One of the essential components to producing high-quality, ecologically friendly glasses is a sustainable production method. No matter what materials are used to make your glasses, there shouldn’t be much of an environmental impact during manufacture. Look for companies who are transparent and upfront about their manufacturing procedures and sustainability initiatives.
  • Staff treatment that is moral. Eco-friendly products aim to improve all aspects of the environment, including the workplace. Make careful you purchase your glasses from manufacturers who

Longevity. Reading glasses and sunglasses made from sustainable materials should be built to last. And once they do pass away, they ought to be safe to discard (i.e., not degrade and contaminate our land or water) or, even better, to donate through our Buy 1 Give 1 initiative.

Where to purchase green glasses

We appreciate you sticking with us, but we know that ever since you began reading the post, you’ve been itching to discover a pair of eco-friendly glasses. Where do you find a pair, is the current query.

There are many locations you can go to purchase your new favourite pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses because sustainability is hugely popular right now. However, there are many excellent solutions available right here, so why waste time looking elsewhere?

We take great pride in providing a fantastic selection of fashionable and eco-friendly glasses that meet all the requirements. They’re cosier than your favourite pair of sweats and more fashionable than bohemian florals or the newest TikTok dance. The best part is that they are fashioned from plastic bottles, one of America’s worst offenders when it comes to waste.

But why stop there? We decided to donate 1% for the planet to eXXpedition, a non-profit organisation that focuses on ocean preservation, in order to up our sustainability game. Every time we sell a pair of 5 TO SEE glasses, we’ll donate a portion of the sales price to organisations that work to improve the world and the oceans.

Our selection includes a wide variety of eyewear, from traditional stunners to daring and stunning designs in a delightful array of colours, patterns, and frame forms. We are confident that you will adore these glasses’ simple design as much as we do. What are you still holding out for? It’s time to embrace that eco-friendly style!

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