How to buy gold?

Gold is a profitable precious metal especially in times of crisis. Its purchase involves a rigorous process that must be taken seriously. In this sense, it is important to know the various solutions available to you to buy physical gold. In addition, you must know the terms of acquisition of your metal. Find out more concretely here how to buy gold!

What gold to buy?

How to buy gold?

When it comes to buying GLD, it is generally advisable to look to investment gold. This is GLD in the form:

  • A wafer or a bar
  • With a purity that does not exceed 995 thousandths
  • Of an accepted weight on the gold market

Besides that, it is a bar of GLD that is constituted or not of the titles. This includes one gram platelets, bars, etc. It should also be remembered that investment GLD takes into account GLD coins with a purity of at least 900 thousandths. These coins are minted after 1800 and have a   legal sovereign gold price within the country of origin. Generally, they are liquidated at a price less than or equal to 80% of its value on the open market for GLD.

Buy gold coins: what are the reasons?

How to buy gold?
How to buy GLD?

Gold coins like legal tender coins and tokens are taxed during resale for all transactions that do not exceed 5,000 euros. It is therefore an advantageous solution for people who reside on French territory.

The other interesting advantage of buying GLD coins is related to the premium of the coin. The latter increase considerably in value in times of economic crisis. Thus, it can happen that the premium of certain GLD coins increases considerably unlike the price of the GLD of the capacity.

Where and how to buy investment gold at the best price?

How to buy gold?
How to buy GLD?

To buy GLD, you can get closer to your bank. Selling can be difficult with this financial institution. Apart from the childcare costs, this operation does not bring him monthly income. Instead of selling physical GLD, the bank tries to market paper GLD. For the purchase of this metal, be aware that this is possible in certain shops. Beyond the seriousness of most of these, it should be noted that they take commissions that are often high.

With the arrival of the internet, it is also possible to buy gold online on referral platforms. Before purchasing via this option, you must first inform yourself about the solutions offered. Some points are worth checking with sellers to ensure the seriousness of the coveted platform. This includes, among other things, information relating to:

  • The origin of gold
  • Company history
  • The country of origin of the company
  • The prices charged for the purchase

Apart from this very important information, you should learn about the taxation of the company from which you plan to buy your GLD. After the purchase, you should also know that it is preferable to keep your precious metals in a secure safe.

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