How to Check an English Willow Cricket Bat

 How to Check an English Willow Cricket Bat

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Before purchasing an English Willow cricket bat, it is important to understand what each grade means. Grade 4 is usually non-oiled, bleached, and has a covering on the face. There are areas of the blade that have discolouration, but these should not impact the product’s playability. The grain pattern is also important, as it should be four grains or more. If the grain pattern is uneven, the bat may be a G5 grade, which is also made during the production process. The wood is similar to grade 4, but there is a little more stain on the surface of the cricket bat, and it might not look as pristine.

The number of grains is another factor to consider. In the past, a bat with eight straight grains was considered the best. However, today, with increased demand and accelerated maturation, the willow tree grows faster than it used to. It is therefore possible to purchase a more expensive cricket bat with fewer grains. The most important factor to consider when choosing a cricket bat is the feel of the bat. The more red wood the bat has, the better it is for cricketing.

Important Factor

The grains are another important factor to consider when choosing an English Willow cricket bat. They vary from person to person and from bat to bat. A bat with six to twelve grains considered good quality. The six to eight grains of the Grade 5 willow is likely to be softer than a 1012 grain bat, and will take a bit more time to knock in and perform at its maximum. There are premium range cricket bats with lower grains, but this should be a final decision for your cricket game.

You should also check the grains in the best cricket bat. The grains represent the age of the wood used to make the bat. Each grain represents a growing season. The number of grains is different from cricket bat to cricket bat. A bat with six to twelve grains considered to be good quality cricket willow. Any less than six grains will likely be softer, and will take longer to knock in and perform optimally. There are other things to consider when buying an English Willow cricket bat.


The first thing to look for in a cricket bat is the shape. If it looks too smooth, the willow will be uneven. If it is too heavy, the bat will not perform well. It will not be suitable for the game. For this reason, the edges of the cricket bat should be thin. They should be evenly spaced. The center of balance should be near the center of the cricket ball. When you look for a cricket bat, it is important to check the weight distribution of the bat.

The next step is the grade. The English willow cricket bat often referred to as a “Willow” cricket bat. It made of wood. The botanical name for the willow is Salix Alba Caerulea. It is a common material in most cricket bats. There are two main types of willow: Kashmir willow and the English willow. The first unbleached.

Inspect the Grain

The second step is to inspect the grain. The grain is the main factor to check the quality of a cricket bat. If the grain is straight, it is a good sign. If it’s uneven, it is a bad sign. If it’s too narrow, the bat will be too heavy. The other step is to check the grain on the face. If it is too large, it will be too crooked.

If you want a cricket bat that’s both lightweight and strong, it should have a butterfly stain. A butterfly stain is a good sign of a bat’s quality. The edge of a bat has a ridge, which makes it stronger. This is the perfect indicator of quality. The thickness of a willow is important. If it’s too thin, it will break easily.

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