How to Choose an Exterior Painter near Me: A Guide

 How to Choose an Exterior Painter near Me: A Guide

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Did you know painting the exterior of your home results in a 55% return on your investment?

This number is huge and should bring getting an exterior paint job to the top of your to-do list if you plan on selling soon. But, even if you aren’t selling, fresh exterior paint completely transforms your home, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the results.

No matter your reason for painting, you might be wondering, “what should I look for when hiring an exterior painter near me?”

Continue reading to find your answer!

Check Their Qualifications

Each professional painter has a different experience level than the next. Therefore, you will want to check to see how long they’ve been in business and what assurances they can offer you as a result.

For example, do they have insurance? If something goes wrong, you want to have peace of mind knowing it’s their responsibility to take care of it.

Look Into References

You could try asking your friends and family if they have any exterior painters they’ve worked with that they had a good experience with. Knowing someone personally who loved the results they got is reassuring.

If you can’t get any direct references, try searching “exterior painting Boston, MA” and seeing the top companies that come up. From here, take a look at their reviews and see what people have to say, good and bad.

If the overall consensus is they do a nice job, they could be a good choice to move forward with.

Look at Pictures

If you’re taking the time to get new exterior paint for your home, you no doubt want it to look great! So to make sure the painter you’re hiring is capable of doing just that, ask them to see some pictures of their recent work.

If you’d be happy with the results you see in the pictures, chances are you’ll be pleased with the work they do on your house too.

Go With Your Gut

Hiring someone to do any work on your home can be nerve-wracking, but taking the time to go through the steps mentioned above can help. One final thing to remember is you should always go with your gut.

If you feel uncomfortable with their contract, pricing, etc., it’s okay to look elsewhere for services. Any company you work with should be upfront with you.

Remember, though, that providing the company with accurate information about what you want is the only way for them to provide you with precisely what you’re looking for!

Choosing an Exterior Painter Near Me

When you look up “exterior painter near me,” you’ll undoubtedly be bombarded with many different options. Don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, turn to the advice found here to help you find the painter who will get the job done right!

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