How to choose folding knives

 How to choose folding knives


Thank you for your attention and we continue to do practical reviews on knives. Today we will consider folding knives – how to choose the right * most suitable model from all this abundance on the market! Most likely, this is a purchase for the long term – I want this attribute to serve for a long time, to please the “eye and hand”.

Despite the external similarity and the general principle of the device, penknives can have many differences. Some of them are significant, for example, the steel grade of the blade, others are not fundamental, such as the color of the handle.

So, if you don’t know how to choose the right folding knife, we propose to consider now exactly the essential criteria and differences, we will try to systematize the ideas.

Our reviews are of a fact-finding and practical nature, so the initial zero point in this list is the budget. How to choose a quality folding knife at an affordable price?

The principle is not always good in action, they say, if the knife is more expensive, then it is better. Therefore, at first, we decide: how much money is not a pity for a folding knife.

 According to the purpose

 The knives have different shapes of blades and handles, as well as different cutting abilities and resistance to pressure on longitudinal and transverse fractures. The handles of folding knives can be made with a rectangular, round, or oval section, and the length is rectangular, wedge-shaped, concave, convex, or ergonomic. Buying knives online doesn’t have to be difficult, just make sure to observe these tips once you get your hands on them.

1) Universal

Household. If the question is how to choose a pocket knife for everyday wear and occasional use, then this is about ⅔ of all models on the market. Sharpen pencils; open packages; cut off the film, adhesive tape; peel the potatoes, in the end, if necessary, household folding knives of small size with one blade such as “universal”, “Finca”, “Japanese tanto” is suitable for this.

2) Garden knives

knives are designed for cutting fruits, branches of trees and bushes, cutting covering, geotextile materials. The tip of the blade of garden folding knives is usually rounded and points down, and sometimes resembles a claw or sickle.

3) Workers: electrician’s knife; fitter’s knife; knives for cutting roll materials.

 In such models, electrical insulation of the handle, sharpened notches on the blade for stripping insulation, bevels of the blades along the cutting edge, or butt, like cutters, can be provided.

4) How to choose a folding hunting knife?

Hunting knives can be equipped with notches on the butt, ripper hooks, anti-slip pads on the side surfaces of the handles, devices for quick unfolding, and tight fixation of the blade. The blades of hunting knives are wide at the base, have increased strength, and are designed for heavy loads.

5) Fishing knives

knives are designed for cutting fish carcasses right next to the water. They usually have thin, narrow, and pointed sirloin blades.

6) Tourist folding knives – for use in field conditions, on the road: cut bread; raise mushroom; open canned food; operate in the maintenance of various devices. Often equipped with additional blades with openers, LED micro-illumination.

7) Folding models

Folding models for diving are made of corrosion-resistant steels and materials, usually have notches on the cutting edge, through recesses in the blade, a hook on the butt, a leash from the end of the handle.

8) Special-purpose knives

Special-purpose knives may have tanto or dagger blades. Used to equip paramilitary, rescue special forces. In addition to the high-class characteristics of steel blades, hardening, sharpening, these models come with additional blades, special overlays, protective and ergonomic elements.

Which company to choose a folding knife from?

In developed industrial countries, there are advanced factories that manufacture folding knives. In Japan – Mcusta and Hikari, in France – Opinel, in Switzerland – Hunter, in Germany – Cold Steel. Which brand to choose a folding knife is not such a fundamental issue with a decent budget, all of the listed brands can rightfully consider their folding knives to be the best.

The size

The size of a knife is related both to the purpose. Which determines the length of the blade, and the physique of the owner. Naturally, it is necessary to match the dimensions of the hand and the knife. And the locking and folding devices should be easily controlled by the fingers. The descriptions of the models always indicate the total length and the length of the blade. Which can be compared by taking a narrow ruler in your hand.

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