How To Choose the Best Email Cleaner for You: A Guide

 How To Choose the Best Email Cleaner for You: A Guide

Are you one of those people who left their emails to build up in their tens of thousands? Many of us are guilty of such behavior, but it seems like it would take an entire day to clear out our inbox, or longer!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a simple to use email cleaner that can help you get your email in a healthy and manageable state? Instead of running through each individual email, what if a tool could help you categorize essential emails and useless ones?

Well, in this guide, we’ll teach you how to choose the best email cleaner for your specific needs. Let’s get into it!

What Is an Email Cleaner App?

An email cleaner app comes with a variety of features and functionalities that all serve the same goal. These are things like keeping your inbox tidy, organized, and clean.

Some email cleaning programs specialize in a single task and excel at it. Others are all-rounders that are pretty decent at all functions. Here are some of the characteristics that most email cleaners have:


We all dread to think of the timeframe it would take to sift through all our emails and categorize them. It feels like a complete waste of time!

However, if you use a reputable email decluttering tool, you can automate a lot of the categorization process. For example, you can tell the tool to delete certain types of emails and put others in specific folders.

Archiving, Deleting, and Organizing

In good email clean-up apps, you can archive or delete large chunks of your email inbox in bulk. So, using an app should be way quicker than the manual method.

As well, any good email cleaning app should have an easy-to-use interface. It should allow you to maintain and clean and manageable email box.

Unsubscription Tool

Any email cleaner app worth its salt should have some kind of unsubscribing tool to make use of. It’s surprising how many times some of us, in the spur of the moment, sign up to a newsletter and then later down the line find the emails annoying.

In reality, there may be only one or two newsletters that we take notice of. So it’s a good idea to use an email cleaning tool that automates unsubscriptions to all the newsletters cluttering up your inbox.

Why Clean Your Email Inbox?

Now you should have a solid idea of what to expect from an email cleaner app. However, why should you clean your emails in the first place?

In this section, we’ll look at a few reasons why you should delete your emails. We’ll then explain a final tip you should consider to keep your email account tidy.

Focus on Signal Over Noise

Elon Musk once mentioned something along the lines of focusing on signal over noise. This can apply to the way you organize your emails.

If you have thousands of emails that continue to build up in your inbox, you may be allowing the “noise” to get the better of you. It can take much longer to search for what you need through all the clutter. Thus, focus on the critical emails (the “signal”) and cut out the clutter!

Your Computer Search Speed May Improve

If you have a dated computer system and tens or hundreds of thousands of emails, your system’s search speed may be slow.

Going by the notion that less is more is the way forward. It might seem like these search lags aren’t slowing you down too much. But if you consider a year’s worth of searching, you might have lost hours of productive work time!

Many Emails Have No Value Over Time

Over time, you might have folders with emails dedicated to employees that haven’t been in the company for years! The point is, why keep unnecessary emails cluttering up your inbox?

Instead, use a dedicated email remover to clear all the nonsense that you’re storing away. This way, you have less chance of getting mixed up, confused, and time-wasting trying to find particular emails.

Properly File Your Valuable Documents

If you have emails that contain sensitive data on customers or a project, you should store them in a more official document. It’s a poor habit to consider your email inbox as a library for everything you need to know.

Information is more consolidated and structured when you keep it in a brief or project diary. Not to mention that as employees come and go, so will their email accounts.

Old Emails Won’t Always Help You

It’s unrealistic to believe that you can rely on all of the old emails you’ve ever written to help you in the future. With countless clients and conversations, there’s a good possibility you won’t recall a relevant email.

If you can remember who it came from or have a decent notion of what the email contained, lots of luck. This could work in a timeframe of a few months. However, as time passes, you’ll be less likely to locate the email you need, squandering valuable time.

A Tip to Keep Your Inbox Tidy

Here is a final tip to help you keep your inbox tidy: stop signing up to receive new emails!

Did you ever wonder why your inbox got so chaotic? It’s because you signed up for a load of newsletters and “free advice” that you got drawn into signing up for. In the end, you were likely a sucker for clever marketing.

So, make a pact with yourself and commit to cutting down sign-ups or even stopping altogether. Of course, sometimes you need to sign up to use online tools, so make allowances for that.

Make Life Easy With an Email Cleaner

In the end, you’ll save a lot of time and effort by choosing a reputable email cleaner application. It may even help boost your productivity since it will help you get way more organized than you were with emails.

So thanks for stopping by and checking out this post. If you found it helpful, consider browsing our blog for other useful articles.

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