How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Glasses?

 How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Glasses?

Learning how to choose the perfect frame for glasses might seem like an uphill task especially for those just starting out. This is because not all faces look the same and different people have different tastes, preferences, personalities and lifestyles that require different eyeglass frames. Many people who use eyeglasses already know that choosing a new pair of glasses is like choosing a new face for you. In this way, you need to consider such factors like the shape of your face, your skin color or tone, your personality and preferences, and your lifestyle as an individual. Does this seem complex? small frames glasses should not be. Sit back and let us take you through how to choose the perfect frame for glasses that will fit your circumstances.

Steps on How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Eyeglasses

You do not need to be an optician, a visual artist or even a fashion expert to choose eyeglass frames that look perfect on you. Follow the following steps to find the frames that best suit your circumstances;

Determine how your face is shaped

The first step should be considering the shape of your face. This is because the right eyeglass frames will greatly enhance your facial appearance. But how do you go about determining the shape? Note that your jawline length, cheekbones and forehead are the chief determinants of your facial shape. Consider the following as far as the shape of your face is concerned;

Diamond face

Diamond shaped faces have cheekbones as he most prominent features. Jawlines and foreheads are smaller. To compensate for a thin forehead and chin, choose eyeglass frames that are wider than the cheekbones such as oval frames and cat-eye glasses. Celebrities like Tyra Banks and Viola Davis have such face shapes. Avoid narrow frames because they enhance the width of your cheekbones making your appearance even narrower.

Heart-shaped face

A wrong choice of frames for a face with a prominent and wide forehead, plush cheekbones with sharp angles, and sharply pointed chin can make you look like a humanoid in an alien spaceship. Choose frames that balance the wide forehead with the thin chin. Round or square eyeglass frames will deflect attention from the big forehead. Naomi Campbell and Scarlett Johansson have such shapes. Avoid any frames that makes your forehead the center of attraction such as those with embellished tops or decorative temples.

Oval face

Is your head longer than is wide, with rounded jawline and chin and a wide forehead? If so, go for geometric shaped frames, that are wider than your broadest part of the face and have strong bridge. Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba are your shape-mates. Avoid large frames in order to prevent your face from imbalances and asymmetry.

Round face

Round faces are largely symmetrical with fairly equal face length and width. Jawlines and chins also tend to be round while there are no sharp angles. Selena Gómez and Leonardo DiCaprio are perfect celebs with round faces. To add balance to your round features, go for the square and rectangular frames. However, steer clear of round and small frames glasses. They will make you look as round as a ball.

Square face

Square faces have a jawline that has sharper angles than any other features on the face. As you move up from the jawline, the cheekbones to the forehead, the width is the same. To balance the appearance of the angles, go for the round and oval eyeglasses frames. Cristiano Ronaldo and Angelina Jolie have such square faces. Avoid angular frames that would make you look even more square.

2.Identify the colors that match your skin tone

You need to select the eyeglass frames that match your skin tone. To do this, consider the following;

Cool skin tone

If you skin tone is pink or blue, know that you have a cool skin complexion. Go for colors that do not wash you out such as dark tortoise, black, silver, purple, pink gray and mauve.

Warm skin tone

Do you have golden, bronze or yellow undertones on your skin? Then you have a warm skin complexion. For this reason, go for matching frame colors such as gold, brown, beige, olive green and light tortoise. Avoid black and white frames and even pastels.

3.Take note of your lifestyle

If you’re active in your lifestyle or engage in physical activities, go for frames that are durable, and that can twist or bend without breaking. If you’re a fashionista, go for the designer frames. Got it?

4.Match frames to your personality and style

Do you know that eyeglasses can tell a lot about your personality? Do not get small frames glasses wrong by choosing the frames that convey the wrong messages. For example, you can choose a pair that that shows your outgoing nature on weekends and another one that send chills down the spines of your juniors in the office during business meetings.

Choosing the perfect frame for glasses is easy if you take note of the shape of your face, the tone of your skin, the kind of lifestyle that you have and the type of personality that you exude. From that information, you can confidently decide what suits you best.

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