How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

 How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

What can you do to keep your lawn looking good, healthy, and green all year long? If you’re like most people, you’ll start by mowing the grass once in early spring. But this will only provide a temporary solution and could even turn your yard into a pile of trash within no time. Instead, consider using artificial grass for your lawn! You’ll have an attractive, healthy-looking lawn in no time, and it’s all at a fraction of the cost of traditional turf maintenance.

With this article, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to choose the right artificial grass for your lawn.

1. Consider Your Usage

What will you use your artificial lawn for? Will it be a family space for you to play football with the kids? A lush, evergreen turf for your next barbecue? An area where your puppy can run around without tracking dirt inside the house? Think about how you plan on using your lawn and determine what type of grass would be perfect. For example, if you have an active family that enjoys playing soccer, golf, or football, consider using a blend of synthetic turf fibers.

2. Consider Your Climate

How hot does it get outside during the summer? Does it often rain during the spring or winter months? Think about how these conditions will affect your lawn. For example, if you live in a warm, rainy climate where the temperature can get quite high, you may need to consider using a low-maintenance artificial grass product. These products are generally made of highly elastic materials that resist tearing, stretching, and matting from the sun and rain. However, if you live in a cooler climate with less extreme temperature changes and rain, you may be able to use a more traditional synthetic turf product.

3. Consider Your Budget

Price is likely very important to you when it comes to your lawn. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something that will fall apart after a year or two. So, how much are you willing to spend? How much do you want to spend? Think about this when considering your artificial lawn. Remember, any faux grass will last for approximately 10 years and cost approximately $300 to $1,200. Do your research and find some reputable companies who install artificial grass in Oklahoma City, or wherever you may live.

4. Consider Your Space

If you have a large yard, chances are you don’t want to spend weeks installing the artificial grass. You’ll need something easy and quick to install. Alternatively, if you have a smaller space, you can opt for an artificial lawn that has been pre-stitched or woven together. Yes, these products will cost more money upfront but will save you valuable time!

5. Consider Your Traffic

How much traffic will your lawn see? Are you planning on hosting a lot of family and friend get-togethers? If so, you’re going to need something that can withstand a lot of wear and tear from constant use. Consider using artificial grass that’s made from highly elastic fibers. These fibers are designed to return to their original form after being stretched or rolled up (like those used in professional sports stadiums).

Note: If you’re looking for grass made for little to no traffic, consider using sand. It’s inexpensive and ideal for small spaces.

6. Consider Your Desire to Mix New Species with Existing Materials

Everyone knows that the wrong blend of fibers can create an unappealing lawn. That is why it’s important to consider what synthetic turf you want to use in your yard before you go out and purchase it. Some people prefer to mix strands of synthetic turf with natural grass. This is fine, as the synthetic material will still blend nicely with the straw and dirt. Doing this will save you a ton of money!

7. Consider Your Maintenance

Are you tired of mowing the lawn? If so, you’ll need an artificial lawn that is maintenance-free. These products easily take on the appearance of turfgrass once they’ve been installed. They require little to no upkeep.

8. Consider Your Dog

Do you have a dog that likes to dig up the yard or track dirt inside the house? If so, you’ll need something that won’t easily deteriorate over time and is stain resistant. These artificial grasses are made with non-drying, stain-resistant materials and can withstand stains (even oil) from your dog’s scent.

9. Consider Your Children’s Outdoor Play

Are your children just starting to develop their motor skills? If so, you should consider giving them a couple of fake grass or hardscapes that they can play on under supervision. These artificial grass for playgrounds products can withstand little to no wear and tear and are extra soft for children’s playground use.

In conclusion, artificial grass is the perfect solution for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn year-round. Just be sure to consider the above factors when choosing the best artificial grass for your lawn.

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