How to Clean a Mattress at Home: Useful Tips

We will tell you how to remove greasy stains, traces of blood, urine, cosmetics and give advice on caring for different types of mattresses.

A mattress is an object that we come into contact with every night. And, like anything that is constantly in use, it inevitably gets dirty. This article will tell you how to clean your mattress at home and figure out when chemical cleaning cannot be avoided. 

We clean the mattress correctly

General rules of care

The simplest tip is to vacuum the surface. This is enough to remove banal dust, hair, organic particles. As for the frequency of such cleaning, carry out it at least once every 3-4 weeks. 

Proven homemade mattress cleaning products are special household chemicals for upholstered furniture. Vanish, Clean Home, Nordland – many brands on the market produce similar products. The only thing we recommend is to pay attention to the composition and its maximum safety. After all, we sleep on a mattress every day, and even if its surface does not come into direct contact with the body, it is important for allergy sufferers and especially children’s products to choose an environmentally friendly product. 

Use a steam cleaner. This is a useful unit that will make cleaning easier, and not only cleaning upholstered furniture. It will help wash away dirt from tile joints and better remove dirt from windows.

To remove old stains, it makes sense to contact a specialist Cleaning companies have been providing home visits for a long time, so there is no need to worry about transportation.

If the product is double-sided, it is recommended to change the position of the sides at least once every 4-5 weeks. But one-sided models cannot be left just like that, they need to prevent the appearance of damp odours. The simplest thing is to put them on one edge so that both sides are ventilated. At least for a day. 

Care tips for different types of products

The coconut filler inside the product is afraid of water, so do not rush to pour liquid on it or wring out napkins. You can only knock out the dirt by covering the surface with a damp sheet or towel. Cleaning with a damp sponge is also permitted.

Foam and polyurethane foam products are also afraid of wet processing. It is best to work with a slightly damp cloth or dry clean. 

It is also impossible to pour water on spring products since the springs can rust from excessive moisture and begin to creak. As for the care of orthopedic models, there are no special rules here. They, like ordinary products, need to be turned over periodically; it is enough to do this once every six months. The surface can be vacuum cleaned.

How to clean a mattress from grease stains and cosmetics

A regular solution of medical alcohol will help. You need to moisten a napkin in it and wipe the trace. But first test the product on a small area to avoid damaging the fabric.

How to remove blood stains 

The question of how to cleanse the blood from the mattress is also solved with home remedies. Here are a few recipes. 

Use starch, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. Take 2 parts starch and 1 part each other. The resulting paste must be applied to the trail and waited until it dries. After that, you can remove the mixture with a napkin or cotton pad. Perhaps the old dirt will not go away the first time, then you will have to repeat the procedure 2-3 times. 

Baking soda can do it alone. It must be diluted in water in a one-to-one ratio and applied to the area, left for about half an hour, and then blotted with a napkin. A dry towel can be used to remove excess moisture. 

Plain hydrogen peroxide without starch and salt can also be a saviour. Instructions for use are as follows. Put some peroxide on the stain and it will start to foam. Wait for the foam to stop forming. After that, it is worth wiping the area with cold water, it is possible with a small addition of salt. We draw your attention to the fact that it is not recommended to use hot water in contact with blood, as there is a risk of “sealing” the stain, which will be difficult to remove afterwards. 

Dishwashing liquid works too. To do this, you need to mix a tablespoon of household chemicals and half a litre of cold water. After that, soak a cloth in the resulting mixture, apply to the stain, remove and rub the soapy area with a toothbrush with light movements. When the blood has cleared, rinse the surface with clean water and pat dry with a towel. 

How to remove yellow stains from a mattress

Often, yellow marks appear from urine or sweat. If your child or pet has left an unpleasant puddle on the surface, do not despair. The first thing to do is to collect moisture with napkins. Just do not rub in or squeeze the liquid into the product, it will be more difficult to remove traces and odours. We offer several recipes that will help you cope with the problem.

  • To eliminate unpleasant odours, take regular vinegar and mix it with water in a ratio of one to three. Pour the resulting solution into a container with a spray bottle – this will make it easier to apply it to the surface and not over moisten the latter. 
  • Another way to combat excess moisture from an unpleasant puddle is with baking soda. It is enough to sprinkle it and leave it for a short time, 10 to 15 minutes will be enough. The easiest way to collect the soda powder is with a vacuum cleaner. But keep in mind that it is very corrosive, and you will probably need to replace the dust bag in it after such cleaning.
  • There is another proven remedy that will help solve the problem of how to clear the urine from the mattress. It is citric acid, diluted in a little water and mixed with salt. Apply the gruel to the stains, do not touch for about an hour. After this time, wipe the surface with a dampened sponge, it should not be too wet. By the way, this recipe also saves from old traces.
  • Use a homemade stain remover. To do this, mix a teaspoon of plain water with a tablespoon of 9% vinegar and a teaspoon of washing powder. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda there. Apply the resulting mixture to the problem area and blot with a paper towel or sponge. Then dry with a dry towel. 
  • Mix hydrogen peroxide (peroxide) with baking soda and liquid soap. In proportions, it will be about 100 millilitres of peroxide, two tablespoons. After that, the mixture must be poured into a spray bottle. After spraying, let the solution act for 5 minutes.

Do not try to treat urine stains with bleach. This extremely caustic chemical will leave an unpleasant odour that will last for a long time. In addition, it may not be possible to completely wash out the bleach. The upholstery will also be at risk. 

How to remove tobacco odour 

If there is a smoker in the family and he lights up in an apartment, especially in a one-room apartment, where both the bedroom and the living room are in the same room, the mattress will inevitably be saturated with a tobacco smell. But even this problem can be dealt with. 

First of all, it is important to replace the bedding, as the fabric has already absorbed the smells. Washing will solve this problem.

You can try spraying the surface with a special anti-tobacco spray. However, this advice is not for everyone. The smell of the spray may also be unpleasant. In the summertime, if possible, take the product outside under the bright sun. The bad smell will surely disappear after this.

How to keep your mattress clean for a long time

After the product has been cleaned and dried, you can extend its service life with special products: a mattress topper and a waterproof cover.

The mattress topper is an additional cover that is laid on top and serves as protection. A quality product consists of several layers. The top and bottom layers are fabric, and the filler is different. 

The mattress topper is easy to remove and wash, even in the washing machine. Then you don’t have to make an effort to clean hard-to-remove stains from a bulky object. As a rule, the fabric of the mattress topper is durable and can withstand repeated cleaning. 

A cover that prevents moisture from entering the mattress is ideal, especially for children with small children. Despite being water-repellent, it is not a film that will cause discomfort. The top cover is made of fabrics that are pleasant to the body, such as cotton. 

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