How to conduct a Lateral Flow Test

 How to conduct a Lateral Flow Test

Lateral flow testing is now being used to help us travel more easily. Lateral flow tests, also known as rapid antigen tests, are quick, easy, and hassle-free giving you instant test results in 30 minutes. They are also a cheaper alternative to PCR tests whereas these tests get sent off to a laboratory and can take up to 6-72 hours to issue a test result. Lateral flow tests are increasingly being acceptable for travel around the world. You can book this test from Point 19 Testing you can also get a PCR test from their testing center as well simply search PCR test in Rochdale, PCR test in Salford, PCR test in Stockport, PCR test in Tameside.


From February 2022 rules have changed around Covid 19 and living with Covid is being discussed. Previously, if you were experiencing traditional symptoms of Covid-19 that would be a cough, loss of taste or smell, or temperature then you would need to isolate and you would be required to take a PCR test but now if you test positive, you can undertake a lateral flow test and you won’t need to confirm it with a PCR test anymore which is a significant change.

With Point 19 Testing you are ensured to have the best clinicians to help you with performing both lateral flow tests and PCR tests. You can book a PCR test in Rochdale, a PCR test in Salford, a PCR test in Stockport, a PCR test in Tameside, and all other areas that are covered by walk-in testing.


Taking the test is very simple and easy. From the top of the extraction tube remove the foil. . Insert the tube into the perforated circle on the front of the box and stand the buffer tube upright. Remove the test swab from the packaging ensuring you do not touch the absorbent tip of the swab. Insert the fabric end of the swab into one nostril at a time until you feel a slight resistance Gently rotate the swab five times.

To release the sample squeeze the tube and dispense four drops of solution into the test cassette sample marked as per the instructions. Set the timer and read the results after 20 minutes. After that, registering and submitting your test is as important as taking your lateral flow test.

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