How to Create a Safety Playground

A safety playground should be equipped with appropriate surfaces, equipment, and adult supervision. It should also be free of hazards that can cause entrapment. Read on to find out what steps you should take to ensure a 안전놀이터for your child. Also, remember to stay calm when the child gets hurt! While minor injuries can be treated with a first-aid kit, more severe injuries require calling 911 for immediate medical attention. If your child is injured, do not try to move them yourself, but ask other adults to watch over them until help arrives.


When creating a playground, it’s vital to choose the right playground equipment. This equipment should be designed to be safe for all ages and abilities. It should be evenly distributed throughout the play area. It should also be well-defined, with no visual barriers, and it should be age-appropriate.

When choosing playground equipment, make sure it’s made of soft, non-slip materials. For instance, swing seats should not be made of metal or wood. Also, make sure there are no sharp points or protruding bolt ends. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a great webpage with recommendations for playground equipment. They also recommend not using heavy swings, free-swing ropes, or trapeze bars.


If you are looking for a playground surface that will provide the greatest safety for your children, you should consider rubberized safety surfaces. Rubber is a good shock absorber and protects from falls of six inches or more. This type of playground surfacing can also be a great way to reduce the number of broken bones. Rubber playground surfacing is made from recycled tires that have been processed to remove steel and threads.

In addition to the safety benefits, the materials used for playground surfaces are also important when it comes to the health of children. The American Society for Testing and Materials publishes guidelines and standards for playground surfaces. They will be able to advise you on the depth of fill material for your playground and any potential health risks of different materials.

Adult supervision

A playground is a fun place to play, but children must be supervised by an adult to ensure their 안전놀이터. Many injuries on playgrounds are due to inadequate supervision. Adults need to watch for potential hazards, monitor the activities of children, and provide first aid if necessary. It is important to understand that children of different ages have different needs and play on different types of equipment. It is also important that they play in separate areas to prevent collisions.

In addition to physical supervision, playgrounds should have rules governing the number of adults per child. These rules should be made clear to children. For example, parents should only allow children to play in areas that have padded, impact-absorbing surfaces. Likewise, adults should monitor children in areas where they cannot see them. Adults should also enter playground areas before the children arrive. This way, they can examine the playground for obvious hazards and then help children play safely. This type of adult supervision is known as active supervision and requires intentional observation of the children. Adults should position themselves to observe children at all times and use their knowledge of child development to anticipate the behavior of children. They should also be available to provide first aid if necessary.


Entrapment hazards are a serious concern for playgrounds. Entrapments can occur in a variety of ways, from a child’s fingers or head being trapped between two objects. They can also occur in the ankles or knees. A Certified Playground Safety Inspector can help identify potential hazards and make recommendations for preventing them.

The National Safety Council recommends that playgrounds be free of entrapment hazards. For example, playground equipment should not have openings of more than 9 inches. In addition, it should have sturdy handrails and no gap greater than 3.5 inches. Equipment that has moving parts should also be separated from other items. Age-appropriate playgrounds should also be provided.

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