How to Create an Innovative Business Name

 How to Create an Innovative Business Name

Congratulations — you’re starting a small business. You’re joining the over 31 million others who have decided to throw their hat in the ring and search for the American dream. 

However, if you want to stand out from the other businesses in your industry, you’re going to need to develop a unique brand. You’ll need to create a unique image, unique logo, and even unique packaging for your products.  

But nothing says unique business like a unique business name. 

This article will walk you through some ways you can come up with creative business names. 

Consider Your Values 

In order for a business to grow, it needs to consider its values and work them into its brand. You can’t please everyone, but if your name can convey the aesthetics and ideas you represent you’re more likely to attract like-minded people. 

Just take for instance Starbucks coffee. Starbuck is the name of Captian Ahab’s first mate in the literary classic Moby Dick. It calls to mind days of coffee’s past and the seafaring tradition of old coffee traders; this represents the on-the-go style and sense of adventure native to Starbucks. 

Pick a Catchy Name

Your name could be the most meaningful name in the world, but if it doesn’t sound good, stick in people’s heads, and work coming out of people’s mouths, then it’ll never catch on. 

Words don’t just exist to be read on the page. They’re living, breathing symbols full of meaning, sound, and implication. The words that take up your name can’t just mean something, they must sing to the ear. 

While assonance (rhyme, alliteration, etc) might not be quite so popular in contemporary poetry, it comes in handy when naming a business. Look at the title of your business like the title of a song — would it stay in people’s heads?  

Make Sure You’re Original 

One of the quickest ways to tank your business is to grab a name that someone else has already come up with. If you take another business’s name, they might not view this kindly, and try to involve you in legal action. 

However, even in the best case, you’ll lose customers because people won’t know which business is which. Make sure that you don’t choose a name that sounds too much like someone else’s business as well. 

However, it’s easier to make sure that you’re not taking someone else’s business name than ever before. Check out this research which teaches you how to search for a business name

Pick a Great Business Name 

As you can see, picking a great business name will set you up for business success. Make sure you pick a name that communicates your values, sounds good coming out of your mouth, and hasn’t ever been used before, and you’re far more likely to pick a name that affects your brand positively. 

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