How to Deactivate Subjective Question?

 How to Deactivate Subjective Question?

In these modern times, the number of online examinations is increasing day by day. This online examination system provides instant results, saves time, and requires fewer resources.

It doesn’t matter if you are running any kind of cooperation, accessing training effectiveness, certification programs, or conducting any college and school exams. There are numerous benefits of online assessment that helps the candidates as well as the organization.

The whole process is carried out with the help of software, which will eventually reduce the burden on the administrative organizers. These are more environmentally friendly and have automatic test tools, making issuing results easier. They have an on-screen marking tool with a worldwide reach, greater security, and flexibility.

Importance of Question Bank

The first step toward any online exam is preparing a question bank. These question banks help prepare students for their exams and consist of objective and subjective questions. It is very simple and organized to store worthy content for future exams.

This method is convenient and efficient for creating online assessments. You can easily access a question bank evaluation and make any changes according to your needs. These evaluated questions will further help you focus and prioritize your questions.

Everything becomes more challenging as the students upgrade from one level to another. This is also valid with the questions as they move to subjective-type questions from objective-type questions. In the case of subjective type questions, students are required to answer in the form of big paragraphs with proper explanations that will include definitions, short answers, and scenario questions.

The question bank evaluation of subjective questions involves gaining a deep understanding and conceptual facts. The answer to any kind of subjective question includes elaborate answers to express the personal judgment or opinion of the student on that particular matter.

Previously these types of exams were only conducted offline mode, but with the advancement of technology, these subjective type exams are conducted online mode with the help of some platforms. So, here are some of the solutions to the most common problems faced during the making of subjective type question banks.

Steps to create an online subjective question exam

  1. First, click the admin login
  2. After this, go to the menu and click exam creation.
  3. Click the option “create exam”.

Steps to add a subjective type question

  1. You need to first log in as Question Bank manager.
  2. Click subjective questions under the option Question Bank.
  3. Click on the new link that will appear on your screen.
  4. You can now select any appropriate topic name or subject, or question type according to your need.

Steps to deactivate subjective questions

  1. First, log in as admin and click the option Question Bank, then select subjective question.
  2. Under that section, you can search for any specific question.
  3. After selecting the question, an option called ‘Deactivate” will pop up on your screen.
  4. As you click OK on it, those questions will be deactivated and will no longer be a part of your online test.

Online exams of subjective questions have features such as the option to add diagrams and symbols, speech-to-text conversion, on-screen evaluation, etc. These features are very helpful for question bank evaluation and both the examiners and the candidates.


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