How to decorate a dining table? 7 tips to follow

 How to decorate a dining table? 7 tips to follow

A dining table is a key element for spending time with family or friends. It is, after all, the gathering place of everyday life. Where we spend time, talking about everything and nothing. And to taste delicious dishes. It also has a fundamental function in the dining room because it is at the heart of the living room. Taking care and refining your presentation is therefore essential to always make a good impression. To decorate your table, don’t panic! You won’t need a huge budget or big changes. She decorates herself with a few tricks and small decorative accessories. A brief overview of the solutions for decorating and embellishing the dining table.

Take care of the seats

You can dress it up in different ways. Nowadays, it is very trendy to surround it with chairs or armchairs of different colors or even different materials such as velvet, steel or wood. The seat is accompanied by cushions to improve comfort and have a cozy side. The mix and match of colors and materials can make all the difference, as long as everything remains homogeneous.

There are also benches, which will enlarge your table and your room. Less comfort indeed, but they bring a relaxed atmosphere and offer a friendlier welcome.

Warm materials

Wood remains the essential material for a dining room. This warm and friendly material remains timeless. It is robust and blends with all the colors of your interior. This will be particularly the case of a solid oak table, incredibly natural and full of charm.

The waxed and black waxed concrete effects are a great success. However, be careful with these dark shades, you must have a very bright room so as not to darken it. You can of course accompany them with bright colors at the level of the seats in order to bring out your table and put it all the more in value.

The importance of shapes

The round table is making a comeback in 2021. Indeed, it guarantees greater conviviality. You will be able to exchange, toast all together without having to get up. The round format of the tray promises you more intimate and welcoming moments.

Rectangular or even square tables are a great classic and remain just as timeless. They certainly take up less space in your living space and can also accommodate more people.

Bring cachet and decorative details

modern dinner table can be accompanied by pretty dried flowers with a pastel-colored or transparent ceramic vase that will bring it out depending on the colors and hues of the flowers.

Be careful not to overload your table when it is not in use.

For special events such as a Sunday family meal, opt for pretty tableware, sober but elegant, such as round plates with a rim with gilding on the ends and gold cutlery. Add a table runner and a few candles and your table is ready to receive your guests. Your table must remain airy and simple in order to be able to serve your best dishes without upsetting your decoration.

The tablecloths are also back! They dress up and brighten up your table! They remind us of Sundays at grandma’s or summers under the tree at the bottom of the garden sipping a lemonade that mom had prepared with love.

Or even on December 25, with red and white colors that we love during this winter period.

You will find white ones that you can dress up in color using your dishes, but also floral or pastel colors. A tablecloth warms a table and dresses it in a simple and effective way.

For a more chic decoration during dressier evenings, you can choose materials such as linen. This noble and elegant material, in ecru and natural tones, will create a calm and soothing atmosphere. Matching your curtains, white or cream, the cozy and classy atmosphere of your interior will delight your guests, and your evening will be placed under the best hospices. It’s up to you to do the rest by serving them your most delicate dishes accompanied by your best wines.

A light to illuminate the dining area

The sconces and chandeliers that surround your dinner table should be highlighted above the tables.

Several possibilities are available to you, if you have a wooden table, we advise you to stay on this material. With yellow filament bulbs, your interior will remain friendly and welcoming.

If you have a darker table, we recommend that you acquire an industrial-style chandelier or suspension in the same color as your table top. The 2022 trend, which goes very well with all types of materials, are openwork wicker chandeliers which will bring a sober and chic style to your dinner table!

A rug for a cozy corner

Why not put a rug under your table?

Large rugs bring a boost of warmth and allow you to clearly delimit the dining area of ​​your living room.

Beware of fashion faux pas! Note that it is necessary to associate a round carpet with a square or rectangular table and of course on the contrary a square or rectangular carpet under a round table. This will break the strict side of your decor for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

What height for a dining table?

Do you want to review the configuration of the dining room? A new dining table is felt? Whether it is to accommodate more guests or simply to give a facelift to your living room decoration? It is then necessary to buy, manufacture or compose a new table. The materials, the style, the format are first to be defined. Then, more importantly, the dimensions of the table must be selected carefully, to be able to adapt its size to the room, but also to ensure that it suits your needs. Among the measurements of this furniture, height is important, because it determines posture and comfort during shared moments. Let’s find out more about the recommended dining table heights.

Summary of standard sizes

Before seeing in more detail the heights of the different tables, here is a table summarizing the standard sizes concerning the height of the top. Note that it is however possible to adjust according to several criteria, especially if you make your own table, whether you buy a custom-made table or whether you want to enhance an existing model. These criteria are to be changed according to the following points:

  • Size of users : depending on the morphology of each, it may be wise to choose a more or less high dining table. We prefer high tables if the family only has large sizes and vice versa, a relatively low table if you are rather small or there are children who will eat on the table.
  • Height of the seats : we will see it a little later, a certain distance is needed between the height of the seat and the underside of the top (about 30 cm)
  • Top thickness : the height of the top must be taken into account, especially if the legs and the top are assembled separately. The thicker the top, the smaller the legs will be.
Standard table height70 to 76cm90 to 95cm105 to 110cm

Ideal height of a dining table

A good dining table height allows you to sit comfortably and spend time eating without discomfort. The objective is for you to be well settled and for your feet to be flat on the ground, while having your forearms resting on the board without discomfort. It is thus often considered that a table height is between a range of 70 and 76 cm . This distance is that which goes from the ground to the top edge of the board.

Note however that this is only a standard size and may not be suitable for you. If your chairs are high or you are used to adding thick seat cushions, it is quite possible to take a higher table, up to 80 cm for example.

Height of a kitchen table

As its name suggests, the kitchen table is installed in the kitchen area. It often has a double function, serving as a work surface and also as a dining table, for breakfasts for example. Thus, it is used either standing or sitting thanks to high chairs or stools. It can sometimes be the central island of the kitchen depending on the configuration of your kitchen space. In terms of height, it is a bit in between, halfway between the dining table and the bar table. Its ideal height is generally between 90 and 95 cm, depending on the model. Check for more here.

Height of a bar table

The bar table is this super practical piece of furniture, which can be installed in a corner of the living room or a large kitchen dining room. It is exceptionally friendly and is much sought after by all those who like to receive their friends for a drink or a cocktail. It is also called eat standing, because this table is perfect for sharing an aperitif dinner without necessarily being seated. Its height must therefore make it possible to catch appetizers and drinks and to lean on them like a counter. For this, the height of a recommended bar table is often between 105 and 110 cm, top included.

Leg height and seat height

A point not to be overlooked is the seat height of the chairs and armchairs that complement the dining table. Indeed, the seat heights and table heights must coincide to guarantee the best possible comfort. The goal is to be able to pass the knees without obstacle for an optimized sitting position. What you have to do is therefore calculate the distance between the underside of the tray and the top of the seat. This must be at least 25/30 cm so as not to be embarrassed and to allow free movement of the legs.

There is therefore no ideal seat height, because it will depend on the type of table and the height of the legs. To calculate the height of the legs, simply know the total height of the table and the thickness of the top and then subtract one from the other. For example, if a table is 76 cm high and its top is 3 cm thick, the height of the legs is equal to 73 cm. A seat height of 43 cm will allow you to have sufficient distance to sit serenely.

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