How To Decorate A Hotel Murphy Bed

 How To Decorate A Hotel Murphy Bed

Murphy beds aren’t as uncommon as you might think, with around 15% of the American population having one in their home or apartment. In fact, they are so easy to hide that most people don’t even realize that it’s there! You can use your murphy bed in any room of your house, but if you plan on putting it in your bedroom, you will want to be sure that you make it look nice and clean. Here are some tips on how to decorate a hotel murphy bed.

Tips On Folding Up Your Murphy Bed

Don’t move anything when you’re done. Most people can just lift their mattress off the frame, but be careful if you have heavy objects on it. Lift from the center and lift slowly so you don’t tip anything over. Move any dressers and tables that are blocking your way and lay them on their side next to the bed’s new position.

Line up any cushions, pictures, mirrors or other decorative items with their original orientation in relation to the new position of the Murphy bed (to save you time rearranging everything later).

Murphy Beds In Kid’s Rooms

If you’ve always dreamed of having Murphy beds in your kid’s rooms, but know that it would be unsafe and impractical for them, don’t worry! There are tons of fun and safe things you can do with your kid’s space. For starters, try moving their desks around so they can have an office nook or a reading corner. If they enjoy crafts, use the beds as storage for arts and crafts supplies.

Another idea is adding more lamps around the room so that it’s never too dark to read or work on homework. Last but not least, go ahead and add some bookshelves so they’ll always have plenty of places to store their books.

Murphy Beds As Invisible Storage

If you’re short on storage space and live in an apartment or any kind of condo that doesn’t have lots of closets, a Murphy bed is the way to go. You can purchase them ready-made, get some wood and building supplies, or try making one yourself if you’re handy enough.

However, if you’re not quite up for it just yet and still want to gain more space in your living area while keeping your bed as close as possible at night then here are some helpful ways on how to decorate it so you can stay organized without too much effort:

Putting mirrors all around the room will open up the space and make it feel less claustrophobic.

Diy Ideas For Customizing Your Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can be really great because they give you more living space in your home. However, many people are uninspired when it comes to decorating them. This is why we have come up with some ways that you can spruce up your bedroom and make it cozy and personalized.

You may also want to use these suggestions for an extra bedroom if you don’t use your Murphy Bed as the main sleeping area in your house.

Examples Of Hotels Using Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are often seen in hotels. They can easily be tucked away and stored during the day so that guests have more space to walk around. Often, these will serve as daybeds for the room or work as extra beds for children who come along on the family vacation. Here are some of our favorite hotels that use this space-saving device:

One Hotel Grand Central This hotel is just two blocks from Grand Central Station in New York City, which makes it great for visitors who want to explore every inch of the city. The One Hotel has lots of other amenities too, including USB ports at each desk and free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms.


Decorating a room with a Murphy Bed can add some modern, minimalist flair. Simply by hiding away the bed when not in use it becomes more of an accent piece. Guests who love sleeping in new places will find themselves thankful for this option as they won’t have to worry about which side of the king-sized mattress they need to sleep on that night. If you don’t know how your friends will feel about waking up before 8am, maybe it’s best not to put one of these beds in your bedroom.

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