How to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10

 How to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10

The first thing that surprised you after installing Windows 11 was that there were no popups or settings, and everything remained on your desktop. Windows 10 has to handle a lot of pop-ups to allow/block features, many of which are somewhat fishy. Finally, Cortana will serve you with a little power.

Windows 11 does not have these futuristic features. After installation, implement some privacy features, verify your Microsoft account and sign in, and you’re ready to use your PC. Still, challenge the configuration and change it as needed. For special features, you can downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10.

Windows 11 is also generally lean in all respects. The settings are zipped, Cortana is disabled by default, and the Start menu has been removed, focusing on what’s important. If you appreciate something as simple as Windows 7 works, you will love Windows 11.

  • New start menu and taskbar 

There are some new standard icons, Cortana is gone, the internet and volume buttons have been combined into a single popup, and more options have been added.

  • Windows 11 taskbar

The Start menu tiles are gone, and the Start menu only shows fixed points and recommendations based on recent activity. You can still see all the applications, but you must click on the dedicated button.

  • Start menu in Windows 11

Now the question remains, are the changes better than the previous version? If you do not like the changes, the taskbar will be very customizable, so you can almost switch to the Windows 10-style taskbar with the appropriate changes (you may need to adjust the registry).

You can move the icon to the left, undo Cortana, remove/add icons, and change the behavior of the taskbar from the settings. You cannot change the Start menu often, but a third-party Start menu option can help here.

  • Better management of background processes

On Windows 7, your favorite game runs fine at 60 fps, but on Windows 10, it drops to 35-38 fps. And when you tested the game on Windows 11, it gave 60 fps again (all tested on the same test PC). If your computer has low RAM and CPU power, Windows 11 will focus on foreground applications and improve performance with fewer background processes using limited resources.

  • Better gaming performance

For professional gamers, Windows 11 has tools to get the most out of your advanced hardware. It is compatible with DirectX 12 Ultimate and provides better graphics and frame rates in compatible games. Many new game titles have their visual settings that utilize DirectX 12 Ultimate to enhance performance and visual effects.

Many other features enhance the gaming experience, such as HDR monitors and Auto HDR for people using the integrated Xbox app.

  • Windows 11 tools keep you informed.

The taskbar contains buttons for widgets, and many useful widgets display custom and up-to-date information. Get the latest information on stocks, weather, sports, e-sports, entertainment, photos, and more.

  • Widget for Windows 11

Most tools have a Show Details button to open a specific update on a browser tab to see more information. Below the tool is a long list of publications that provide the latest news updates.

  • Adding new tools for Windows 11

You can also get some of these features in Windows 10 using Cortana and the Start Menu title, but the dedicated tool is much better and offers more tools.New tools enhance your specialty after downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10.

  • Snap scheduling makes multitasking easier.

Windows 11 has a new real-time layout feature that lets you adjust multiple apps with grid layouts of different sizes on your screen. Instant Layouts uses visual popups to select the exact type of layout you want instead of using the Windows 10 drag-and-drop feature. To use this feature, hover over the app’s maximize button or press Windows + Z while the app’s open.

The latest laptops and desktops are compatible with Windows 11

As the latest operating system from Microsoft, manufacturers prioritize Windows 11 as the operating system to be used for their latest devices. To buy a new PC, use Windows 11. You cannot switch to Windows 10, and it is not practical (or logical) to buy Windows 10 separately with a new PC.

  • Windows 11 laptop

Therefore, the sooner you adopt the latest operating system, the easier it will be to run your new computer with the latest technology. Most new laptops from the most popular manufacturers run on Windows 11.

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  • Microsoft has officially released Windows 11 to all users.

If you purchased a new Windows 11 laptop and are not ready to use it, you can return to an earlier version of Windows. As with any software, using a more recent version of Windows may annoy some users. An error occurred in Windows 10 in 2015 after its release. Although corrected over time, the first user was considered a beta tester.

The Windows 11 taskbar needs a lot of improvements to reach the location of Windows 10.

For example, you can only move the new taskbar from the center if you use a third-party app. You cannot even be tall to fit different screen sizes.

  • Once the installation is complete, configure Windows 10 and customize your laptop to suit your requirements.
  • To use Windows 11 settings, select the Use recommended settings for this PC check box.
  • Click Next to begin downloading the Windows 10 installation file for your drive.


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