How to dry carpet after a flood: our 8 steps method

 How to dry carpet after a flood: our 8 steps method

A flood can be devastating. If you have a carpeted floor, drying the carpet after water damage is a headache. However, it is essential to dry your carpets as soon as possible. Otherwise, dangerous mould will grow, and you may need to throw the carpets to protect your family from serious diseases. 

However, if it is caused by clean water, then you should consult with a water damage restoration service. Definitely, it is possible to dry them and reuse them at your home. 

Ways to Dry Carpet After a Flood

First, you need to identify the cause of flooding. After that, please follow these steps to save your carpets. However, we recommend professional services for the best result.

  1. Water Extraction

Please use a vacuum or water extractor to suck the water as much as possible. Pull back the corners and remove water underneath the water damage carpets.

  • Shop-Vac

It is the most popular tool to dry wet carpets. Take your time with this process because it is the most crucial step; any negligence can cause real damage. Our experts know how to handle the latest equipment to dry carpets based on the colour and texture.  

  • Replacing Carpet Pad

If you have experienced more than just a flood of water, then you have to replace the carpet pad. Just expose the wet carpet pad under the sunlight and dry it completely. Most of the time, it works well. However, if you cannot do it alone, you should hire a carpet cleaning professional. We provide water damage restoration service in Perth.

Please note that a wet carpet pad allows mould growth. It needs to be replaced or reinstall after proper cleaning. 

  • Use Blower

Use blowers or switch on the fans over the wet area. One fan is not enough because drying carpet after water damage is necessary.  Please feel free to call us to get our service. 

  • Clean Sanitize Area

Now please sanitize the area to ensure no dampness and mould growth. First, clean the wet area with clean water and sanitize it with bleach powder. We advise you to use protective rubber gloves when doing all these. 

  • Move Furniture

Please move all furniture to cover the wet areas to avoid dampness. Besides that, wood or iron furniture can be damaged by excessive water. 

  • Keep Carpets Dry

Try to keep the area dry as well as water damaged carpets.

  • Call the Professionals

We understand it is hard for you to clean your house and maintain your family and job. That is why we provide the carpet cleaning service in Perth, St Lucia, West End, Graceville and Rocklea. These are some of our most important service areas.   Call us for reinforcement, and our team of experts can help you to deal with this headache.


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