How to Find High-Quality Jewelry

 How to Find High-Quality Jewelry

Whether you want to run a jewelry business or collect high-quality types, it’s good to do your research well. You have to consider several factors in your pursuit of high-quality jewelry, which can be a complicated process. Failing to be thorough in your approach will make you prone to various issues such as swindling. Thus, this guide looks at how to find high-quality jewelry:

  • Consult With Reputable Jewelers

The first asset in your pursuit of quality jewelry would be to become an online sleuth. The internet is awash with information that you can use to learn more about the offerings from a specified jeweler. You should be on the lookout for jewelers with an excellent online presence, such as eCommerce shops or social media. You will also want to ask them about sterling silver vs white gold to see which material is the best to purchase. 

Be cautious about any service that doesn’t have any reviews or interactions with customers online. Be keen on assessing the jewelry portfolio that the given service provider can offer.

  • Remember the Fine Print

What if the jewelry you have chosen is unsuitable for your needs, or it falls and breaks? Will you get your money back? Risk management is part of buying high-quality jewelry because it’s of no importance when you don’t have it. Most jewelers will encourage you to purchase offers such as an extended warranty. However, before accepting such deals, ensure that the cost of repair or replacement is required.

Determine whether your credit coverage offers a comprehensive cover for such jewelry purchases. While most jewelry services offer such product covers, you have to choose the right one. Most brands also have specific policies relating to their products. 

  • Find the Lab Report

The lab report is an excellent way for you to determine the quality of a particular piece of jewelry. Usually, reports such as grading or gemological identification reports are ideal for this process. You have to ensure the reports have some verification or are from leading brands such as the GIA.

The reports are essential to indicate the quality level of the given stone. The information from GIA is excellent because many people around the world use them as an industry standard. You also have the alternative of using the Retailers Lookup resources. It’s a vast database that provides access to some of the most reputable jewelers you can find in the country.

  • Look for the Maker’s Mark on the Piece

The logo or brand name of the jeweler should also be present on your preferred piece. That is because the mark helps indicate the quality of your jewelry, and it also gives it a sense of authenticity. You have to be careful in ensuring that your jewelry has the correct marks as it helps build trust.

While the jewelry should have a mark, it shouldn’t be obtrusive because it can easily compromise the quality of the image. You can consult with the jeweler ahead of time on helpful ways of customizing the positioning of such a market.

Some brands go as far as including quality stamps in their products. It’s an indication that brands use to determine the material quality of the given piece. Regulations from agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) make such marks mandatory.

  • Invest in A Gem Tester

A gem tester is a powerful resource that you can use to test the quality of jewelry conveniently. It’s usually available online for sale, but you also have to be careful with the selection process. You have to research the quality alternatives and products in the category.

You can start with reviews and buyers guides before investing in the right one for your needs. A jewel tester is a convenient but reliable way to determine if a given material will meet your standards. The tester comes in the form of a small handheld mechanism, which you place on the jewelry platform.

You have to be aware of the specific metrics that will indicate whether the given piece is of high quality. Fortunately, using these resources is easy, and it has low overhead costs.

Investing in jewelry is a process that requires high levels of skill and informed decision-making. You have to get the correct information and tools you can use to get high-quality results. Fortunately, this process is simple, and you should have excellent jewelry soon.

Maggie Bloom

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