How to find out a contact’s IP address in Skype?

 How to find out a contact’s IP address in Skype?

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Learn to identify the IP address of any of your Skype contacts, having only their username at hand

Skype may provide important information about its users, such as their IP address  . For a variety of reasons, from confirming the identity to knowing someone’s location (something very useful in investigations), there are ways to obtain such data having only the name of the user in question.

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In this guide, we teach you what you need to do to find a contact’s IP address on Skype , in a few simple steps.

How to find an IP address with Skype username

To find out the IP address of any contact on Skype, you need two things: first, the person in question needs to be online on the platform, and second, you need to know their username  (or Skype name ). It is with him that we will trace the e-mail address of the individual in question.

  1. Open Skype and click on Contacts ;
  2. Select the contact that you want to know the IP, right-click and then on View Profile ;
  3. On an iPhone or Android phone, tap on the contact and then again on its name;
  4. In the Profile submenu, the username will be displayed under Skype Name . Write it down;
  5. Visit the MostwantedHF website ;
  6. In the User field , enter the contact’s username;
  7. Check the Captcha box, and click Resolve;
  8. If the user is online, the website will return the user’s IP address.

And ready.

With the IP in hand, it is possible to know where in the world the person connected to use Skype Resolver. To do this, go to the Find IP website and check the email address. While not 100% accurate, it will tell you the city it is in.

There are, however, a few things that need to be considered: first, the method is not guaranteed . If the user in question uses a VPN to connect, the IP address will not be the real one.

Second, such information must be used very carefully , as it is very personal and, in the wrong hands, can cause harm to everyone involved. Therefore, only use this procedure as a last resort, and only if finding someone’s IP address is extremely necessary

Your IP address is a unique line of numbers, designated by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider , your internet provider) as a delivered address to allow online traffic of information. If you connect to a different Wi-Fi or move house, your IP address will change along with your location. Most ISPs use dynamic IP addresses, which are not fixed on your device, but there are also static IP addresses if you need them.

Since your IP address contains certain information about you , someone may want to use this information for malicious purposes. There are many ways people can get your IP address. Here are some of these methods:

  1. If you torrent files: When you download content from torrent websites , each member of the network (the seeders and leechers ) can see your IP address. All they need to do is check the list of peers .
  2. If you lend your device: If someone uses or borrows your device, they can find out your IP address in seconds, as there are countless free websites that show your IP.
  3. Via an email : If you send an email to someone, the person can check the message header, which may contain your IP address. The Yahoo! And Microsoft Outlook are recognized for including the IP address in the email headers .
  4. Clicking on a link : Any link you click will need to provide its IP address to the server at the other end, so that this content is delivered by the provider where the link is hosted. Whoever manages the server will have access to your IP and will be able to see it.

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