How to Find the Perfect Place to Camp this Summer

 How to Find the Perfect Place to Camp this Summer

Camping is one of the most popular summer activities and this is not without reason. The skies are clear and sleeping under the stars is easily accessible. Whether you will be camping on the ground or setting up a tent above your SUV, you need to find the perfect camping grounds. 

You need to find a place where you can enjoy the tranquility and do all the family camping activities that have been traditionally associated with this leisure activity. Be sure to try a bonfire, a spooky story, and stargazing to name but a few. 

Before you start planning your activities, how do you identify the perfect camping spot?

Flat Ground

You will want to set up a tent in a flat place. Places that are at an elevation or have bumps will make it hard to sleep comfortably. It should be free of thorns, rubbles, roots, and rocks. 

Preferably, choose a flat area that is covered in grass rather than dirt. The grass will provide you with a comfortable cushion to lie on. The ground covered in moss, leaves, and pine trees may also provide the desired comfort.

Nearby Windbreakers

Camping is done on open grounds such as parks and forests. Strong winds tend to blow in these areas. Back home, you have your walls preventing wind from harming you but during camping, your only option is to choose a location next to a windbreaker. 

This can be a big rock, tree, or bushes. Pitch your tent next to these natural structures for protection from the effects of wind. After all, you do not want to get up in the middle of the night only to find that your tent has been blown away, right? Windbreakers also prevent excessive heat loss ensuring you remain nice and warm


You cannot just camp next to the roadside of a busy highway! It is too chaotic and it is unsafe. A drunken motorist could drive right into your campsite. The safety of everyone is a very important consideration in choosing a place to camp. 

The camping area should be safe from wild animals and human interference. Set up your campsite away from hiking trails and areas where wild animals frequent.

Areas that are prone to natural disasters like floods and avalanches should be avoided and so should insect-breeding regions. To avoid these issues, choose an established camping site. 

This is the reason why many residents in New York choose to go camping in New York state parks. There are parts of the park whose safety has been assessed and confirmed. As such, they are set aside for camping. There are over 8,500 camping sites to choose from. Simply find one near you and enjoy some peaceful time out there

Ease of Access

You may want to go to the most remote campsite but remember that there is a lot you will be carrying. Even if you have a car, remote areas tend to need a lot of walking. Find out about a camping site before going. Check how long you need to walk and find out what you need to carry. This will differ depending on what the grounds provide and what it does not.

Access to food, water, firewood, and other supplies is very important. Doing your research about these will prevent you from starving or freezing out there.

If you are camping near a water body, it is important to stay at least 200 feet away. This helps keep the water free of human contamination and prevents disasters like the water body overflowing.

Away from Common Areas

Organized campsites have a water zone and a wash area. Since everyone will be visiting these places, avoid pitching your tent near them. They tend to be noisy and too busy. You will not enjoy a good night’s sleep if your tent is near such areas. Keep your distance and ensure that your tent’s door does not open directly to these areas

A Combination of Sun and Shade

The sun kissing you good morning sounds like the perfect camping experience. Place your tent so it receives the morning sun. If you like to nap or relax in your tent in the afternoons, finding a shaded area will help keep the tent cool. It is all about finding the right balance.

Closing Thought

The perfect spot for summer camp can be easily found. You just need to know what you are looking for. Flat ground with vegetable coverage located next to a suitable windbreaker is perfect. This area should have enough supply of necessities and be safe from any harm.

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