How to Fix a Buckled Rug?

 How to Fix a Buckled Rug?

A bucked rug may not serve the purpose of making your interior pleasing to the eyes. Plus, it may lead to further tearing of the flooring.

The first step to getting rid of rug buckling is to understand what’s causing them? Humidity is one of the main reasons for flooring’s buckling. The moisture present in the air penetrates the rug and cause it to bunch and swell.

Apart from humidity, buckling is caused by the difference in the texture of the rug and floor. When you place a flooring on rough surfaces, its soft texture may glide over the rough surface and cause rug migration. Finally, wrong or poor installation of flooring can be another cause of buckling. So, proper installation, reducing humidity and eliminating texture differences are the ways to fix a buckled rug.

Now, as you know the reasons and solutions, let’s discuss these methods in detail.

1. Use a Rug Pad: Purchase a non-skid rug pad or non-slip rug pad to keep your rug in place on the carpet. Choosing the correct rug pad size is the key to avoiding buckling. A rug pad will provide other benefits in addition to holding your rug in place, such as:

  • A rug pad will also give further protection to your carpet. For example, it protects the colour of your carpet.
  • If the rug sheds any colour, a pad will prevent it from reaching the carpet. In addition, if the area rug contains stains, the rug pad will help to keep them from transferring into the carpets.
  • A rug pad absorbs pressure that might otherwise harm the carpet if applied directly.
  • It also improves airflow between rug and carpet or surface.

2. Use Rug Tape: The rug tape is used to give extra protection and keep the rug pad in place. If you’re using double-sided carpet tape, start by adhering one side of the tape to the back of the rug area, then adhere the rug pad on top of the tape. It is not recommended to place the tape directly on the carpet since it will leave a residue when removed later.

3. Improve Home Ventilation

You can improve ventilation in your home by doing the following:

  • During the day, leave the doors and windows open.
  • During humid weather, turn on the air conditioning to cool down the room temperature.
  • Run fans to circulate the air and eliminate extra moisture.
  • Take shorter showers or alternate hot and cold showers. A hot shower generates an excessive amount of steam, which leads to excess moisture in the room.
  • Hang wet clothes outside.
  • Keep houseplants outside whenever feasible and avoid overwatering them.
  • Cover cooking pans and pots to retain steam within rather than releasing it into the air.

4. Use Charcoal to Absorb moisture: Charcoal has a high absorption rate. It will absorb any moisture or smells that are present in the air. Plus, this is a highly cost-effective approach because the charcoal will last for 2-3 months.

Though these techniques can be effective, it is advisable to connect with professional rug cleaners and repairers for solving the buckling issue.


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