How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 3527

 How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 3527

Epson is one of the largest multinational companies renown for manufacturing imaging equipment. They make consumer and commercial films as well as printers, inkjet equipment from corporations. Many people choose Epson printers over other products because of their speed and attractive features. But there are some technical issues like Error Code 3527 that are associate with the apps. Epson Printer not Printing Properly is one of the most common problems encounter by Epson users.

Are you having problems with your Epson printer while printing? This error message may be a result of the device itself. If you have read this article, you will be able to solve the problem using the best solutions.

Epson Printer Error Code 3527

Most Epson users have trouble with error code 3527 when they have a carriage jam problem with their printer. If the Carriage Jam error message display on your computer’s screen, it displays an error message.

It is not possible to use the functions of the process of copying, printing, scanning, or faxing. It is recommend that you apply the best troubleshooting options you can to eliminate vehicle blockage. Printing customer service experts recommend these options.

Reason for Epson Printer Error Code 3527:

This error code can be trace to a jam paper in several places within the printing device. It is clear that for this reason, the printing stops working unexpectedly. Other problems may arise, for example, a broken lever for the sensor, or sag errors, or other errors. Follow these steps to fix error code 3527 successfully.

Steps to Epson Printer Error Code 3527:

Step 1

The first step is to open the front cover of your printer. Then, you should remove the ink cartridge from the printer head. Then update your firmware. Hit on the “Home” button on the Control Panel.

  • Go to the “Maintenance” tab, and then click “OK”. “OK” button.
  • Then select the “Install Ink Cartridge” option and hit “OK”.
  • Follow the steps, as shown on the screen of the Control Panel.
  • After that, proceed to the next step.
  • Close the front cover of the printing device.
  • Then, click the “OK” button to clear the error.
Step 2

If the previous method is not enough to fix the problem, you can try to resolve this error code 3527 by using another technique. You can take a piece of cardstock and run it along the path of your paper. It will usually feed in the opposite direction. Make sure your printer is turn off while you are doing this. You can move the printer around and then shake it vigorously.

When you are among the many customers of Epson printers, you’re probably familiar with the ubiquitous error code 3501 or 3502. Are you not able to get rid of these errors? If not, then let us help you find the most effective and suitable solution to solve all the problems and errors you may encounter in Epson printers. We will definitely help you by contacting us. Find out the techniques that are most simple and current to solve all the issues.

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