How To Get A Truck Driving License In Canada?

 How To Get A Truck Driving License In Canada?

Truck driving is a great job for a ton of people migrating from India to Canada. It is certainly more respected in Canada in comparison to India. A lot of people who don’t have an academic degree but still wish to move abroad could go through this way.

Driving any commercial vehicle is a traditional job abroad and a ton of Indians are doing it since time immemorial. That is the reason why a lot of people inquire about the requirements to secure a truck driving license. It is an important job opportunity to secure a decent living in Canada. Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali has been operating in the migration field for over 27 years. They have summarised the main points of how to get a truck driving license in Canada.

Types of Licenses

There are widespread categories of commercial driven licenses in Canada. There is no universal license. It depends on the type of truck you want to drive, several axles in the truck, the trailer combination with it, the load-carrying capacity of the truck, etc. There are classes 1 to 5 for various kinds of trucks, trailers, axles, buses and passenger vehicles. Hence, you have to know beforehand the kind of vehicle you wish to drive and what are its specifications. This will save you time and you could directly apply for that class of license.

Documents Required

There are quite a few documents required to apply for a drivers’ license in Canada. This is especially true if you are not a citizen. The vast list includes things like passport photo, duly filled form, vision test, medical fitness certificate, residence proof, registration and the fee. These documents are needed to be submitted in addition to the driving test. If all these conditions are satisfied, you will be awarded a driving license.

Knowledge To Operate Trucks

You also need to clear an exam which consists of knowledge of handling heavy machinery. For instance, if your truck has air brakes, you need to have knowledge about it and also mention that in your application. In that situation, there will be a specified category mentioned on your driving license certificate. This is an added advantage to having the license indicating extra skills when you are out there to fetch a job.

Salary Prospects

There is quite a decent salary on offer for the truck drivers as well. It could range anywhere from $20 per hour to $40 per hour depending on the amount of experience you carry. Canadian companies are in need of foreign drivers as there is a shortage of local drivers. Hence, truck driving could be a great profession for someone looking to migrate to Canada. If you are someone who loves life on the road, truck driving might be the ideal choice of profession for you. It could also be seen as a long term profession because the more time you spend driving the more experienced you become.

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