How to Get Green Grass: 5 Tips for Homeowners

 How to Get Green Grass: 5 Tips for Homeowners

Hand on green lush grass

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was one of the first people in America to maintain a lush lawn?

While keeping up with the latest landscaping tips used to be a thing that only the wealthy could do, green lawns have become a huge image of the traditional American lifestyle. While they certainly look pretty, homeowners learn fast that a lot of work goes into keeping their lawns fresh.

Have you been wanting to learn how to get green grass that will turn your house into the star of the neighborhood? Keep reading this guide to learn 5 brilliant tips that will get you beautiful results in no time.

1. Recycle Those Grass Clippings

Most people adjust the settings on their lawnmower so that all of the grass clippings get collected in a bag. The truth is that these clippings are packed with nutrients that’ll help your grass become more vibrant.

Let those clippings rest on your lawn and they’ll get reabsorbed fast.

2. Water Deeper Instead of Often

One of the lesser-known tips for green grass is to give your lawn a deep watering once in a while instead of less on a regular basis.

Deep waterings penetrate down to the roots, which helps promote growth. You can turn those sprinklers back on once the first few inches of your soil feel dry again.

3. Opt for Natural Fertilizers

Fertilizers can give your grass the nutrients they need to flourish. However, not all fertilizer products are created equally.

Not only are natural fertilizers more effective, but they also produce less pollution for the environment.

4. Aerate Your Lawn Once a Year

Mowing the lawn, lounging in the grass, and kicking a soccer ball around can all cause your lawn to compress.

While you don’t have to stop enjoying your yard, aerating it once a year can breathe new life into the soil. These little holes improve air and water circulation for optimal health.

5. Hire Landscapers to Start Caring for Your Lawn

Figuring out how to get a green lawn can come with a lot of guesswork if you’re not sure which type of grass you have. If you don’t have the time to keep up with all of the maintenance chores, then you should consider hiring professional landscapers instead.

Not only will they help you accomplish the bare minimum, but they can use plenty of tools, products, and techniques to surpass your expectations.

Now You Know How to Get Green Grass

While maintaining a lush lawn isn’t impossible, you do have to put in some effort to tend to your grass throughout the seasons. By following these 5 tips on how to get green grass, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with your yard.

Having a beautiful lawn will make you excited to pull into your driveway every day. Since your home should be your happy space, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends that can keep your environment clean and chic. Browse our home blog for more cool guides.

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