Musicians and artists have long relied on Get SoundCloud Plays as a safe haven. Even though the music industry and distribution landscape have changed dramatically over the past few years, SoundCloud continues to be a major player in the industry.

Still, many artists struggle to learn how to increase SoundCloud plays and cultivate a SoundCloud-based audience. In any case, it can be difficult to build a following on any platform, much less one as large as SoundCloud.

Fortunately, we’ve created a detailed guide to assist you in building your SoundCloud community. We’ll talk about ways to get people to follow you on SoundCloud and grow a fan base that goes far beyond the community below.

Promote on multiple platforms

The SoundCloud community has a fantastic opportunity to share new songs. However, this can restrict the number of plays that can be generated.Integrating audiences from off-site platforms like blogs, hype machines, YouTube channels, and Spotify playlists, as well as influencers like vloggers, Instagram accounts, and radio stations,

can be an excellent approach to produce a significant number of plays on SoundCloud. After you’ve uploaded a track, you can link your Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts in your account settings to automatically share it on these other sites.

Using SoundCloud, you can search for channels that will rebroadcast your music to a wider audience than you could reach on your own.  Explore Repost channels, other artists with large followings, promotional channels, labels/collections, and Play listers as viable options. 

The key is to determine which strategy will yield the best results and to implement that strategy. Being featured on a blog can provide a quick boost for your play, but you must know how to network with bloggers to be featured. This blog receives approximately 100 music submissions per day on average. However, those who are featured always possess a certain number of characteristics.

Always Identify Music Files

Tagging your music is one of the quickest and most convenient ways for new fans to discover it. SoundCloud users can find you more easily if you’ve been tagged. Your location will be easier to find if your tags are of a high quality.  Always conduct research on the appropriate tags and tag according to your genre. Instead of using the most popular tags,

focus on the ones that best define your work. If, for example, you created a drum and bass track, you should not use a classic music tag. It is also helpful to include moods and locations in your tags. Your company and the music community can both benefit from custom tags.


This hinges on the value-for-value principle. Through participation in giveaways, you can rapidly acquire genuine and organic SoundCloud followers. Using social media, you can hold a contest in which one of the event’s participants must accomplish a task while listening to your music. 

Winners receive a free show ticket, merchandise, a product, a device, an all-expenses-paid trip, or anything else you believe your audience will find valuable. 

It is a more cost-effective method of generating traffic than buying followers or using bots. Note, however, that this is not a sustainable method for gaining new followers or getting your music played frequently.

Inspire yourself by looking at the work of other artists.

If you want to grow as a member of any community, you need to interact and cooperate with others often on SoundCloud.  Focus not only on publishing your work but also on commenting, liking, and reposting the music of others using your SoundCloud account. 

Don’t be afraid of reaching out to other artists whose music you appreciate and ask them to work with you or repost some of your tracks. Honoring the work of others while also advancing your own is always a good thing.

SoundCloud is a useful tool for advancing your musical career and expanding your community, but it must be used effectively. If you consider this advice to be sound and implement it, you will observe significant changes in the process of gathering followers.

The value of a musician is determined by the authenticity of his music and the support of his fans. Steer clear of websites that promise free followers without requiring human verification or that ask you to do surveys in order to obtain followers. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t worth your time. Always construct from the ground up and be present.

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