How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Naturally? 

 How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Naturally? 

Moths are tiny creatures but they can destroy and defile your favorite clothes in no time. Clothes moths are known to damage woolen clothing, linen, silk, leather and carpets of different varieties. Moths detest light, which is one reason why they infest clothes and pantry items stored in dark places. You may find moth infestation inside your closets, cupboards, closed storerooms, attics etc. Additionally, they may also make your upholstery of natural fibers their permanent home. These places do not get any natural light hence they provide the most conducive conditions for moths to grow drastically. 

One fine day, you notice holes in any of your clothing, then that is a sure shot sign of your clothing being infested with moths. They lay eggs the size of a pinhead on your clothes. When these eggs convert into larvae they begin eating onto the fibers in your clothes. That is when the damage becomes clearly visible. Read this blog to know more about what can be done to rid your clothes and closet of moths with natural ingredients.  

  1. Wash and clean all your clothes  

If you have noticed a moth and are suspecting an infestation, then it is better to wash all the clothes thoroughly and dry them at high temperatures. You need to check the collars and the inner portions of the clothes carefully for any signs of moth larvae. Store the clothes in tightly sealed boxes or plastic bags to protect the clothes from re-infestation. You can make use of the freezer for storing your valuable woolens and silks. 

You can repeat the process for cleaning other textile products like blankets and coats too. Alternatively, you can give all the clothes sets to your dry cleaner for better and thorough dry cleaning. It is important to ensure there are no traces of the eggs or larvae of the moth still left behind on your clothes, textile or other apparel. 

  1. Know how to use vinegar 

Vinegar is available in almost every household as a cooking ingredient. However, what many do not know is that this common kitchen item is also useful to clean and disinfect the spaces in your home. You can utilize vinegar for removing the moth infestation in your closet as well!  

For using this cleaning ingredient, you need to combine water and vinegar in equal portions. Dip a cloth in this solution and begin wiping inside your closet, drawers and beneath the cupboards. Do not forget to clean the pegs and corners extra carefully. 

 You can also spray this solution inside closets, cabinets, cupboards and drawers so as to prevent future moth infestations. 

  1. Use of herbs and spices 

Herbs and spices are not just invaluable in the kitchen but can also be used in the event of moth infestation. They add taste to your foods and curries but are also useful in killing the moth population feasting on your tasteful wardrobe. Fill pouches with cinnamon and place them in cupboards, drawers, and laundry bags to help repel moth population. If you can source cloves easily, then wrap them in a thin piece of paper and place them in your closet. Doing so will prevent your clothes from getting stained or catching unpleasant odours. 

Make a mixture of bay leaves, lavender, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, and ginseng and hang it in your closet. Scatter lavender flowers inside the closet. Alternatively, keeping a sachet filled with lavender flowers can also do the same work. If nothing works, opting for moth control Canberra services offered by reputed pest control companies. Their services provide long-term results and are more efficient at the end of the day. 

  1. Vacuum clean the closets 

Vacuum clean the closets inside out. Get into the habit of regular vacuuming so as to remove any larvae or signs of moth infestation. Do not forget to vacuum areas such as carpets, the places behind furniture, dark and unused corners in the house. As these areas most preferred by these pests to lay eggs and create larger colonies. 

Availing pest control Canberra is an easier and more effective solution for your moth infestation concerns. Deep clean the areas of your home including their cages, that your pet roams around in every now and then with a cleaning agent and water because moths love to feed on animal fiber too.  

Opting for help from a professional pest controller is always better. As they are better judges of moth infestation and the extent of the moth infestation. They can correctly verify the places in your home that have been infested by moths while also helping you out adroitly in freeing your home of these unsolicited pests. They can suggest better strategies and options to be used for providing efficient moth control services.  

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