How To Get Started With A Fingerboard? 4 Steps

 How To Get Started With A Fingerboard? 4 Steps

Fingerboarding is a micro-sport that allows you to ride and perform various tricks on a miniature skateboard that you use with your fingers, hence termed a fingerboard. Of course, you need to find a massive skatepark to play with a skateboard, but you can play anywhere with this pocket-size customized fingerboard.

Are you interested in finger boarding but perplexed about how to become a pro in it? Finger boarding is an easy-to-play activity that can surely give you multiple hours of fun. But to acquire this skill, you need to practice it for days and weeks. Undoubtedly, it looks super easy in the beginning but requires hard-core expertise to nail its advanced tricks. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with your customize fingerboard.

Get a Customize Fingerboard

Multiple stores like Xflippro, Walmart, Target, etc., retail a variety of fingerboards. You can get it both online and offline. 

Several types of fingerboards include pro fingerboards, professional fingerboards, custom fingerboard ramps, skateboard toys, tech decks, custom fingerboard decks, and other fingerboard decks. Some online websites like Xflippro also customize fingerboards.

But the type of fingerboard isn’t that essential in the beginning, but a little wider fingerboard will be easy to tackle in the early days of learning pro fingerboarding.

Play Around

The fingerboard is all about enjoying and having fun. Focusing on learning advanced tricks straight from the first day of getting your customize fingerboard isn’t easy, so it is advised not to try those super cools for which you have customize fingerboard for yourself.

Instead, roll your board around on the table and learn naturally. Pacing too fast gives frustration but nothing else.

Start With The Basics

It’s massively useful to stress inculcating basic fingerboarding techniques like how to ollie, as ollie is the primary skill needed to play any trick. Once you have acquired a rigid hold on this primary skill, start with nollie kickflip, basic grinds, and shove-it.

Invest in supreme quality skateboard toys tech deck, custom fingerboard decks, custom fingerboard ramps, and customize fingerboards as they are easy to play with. 

Practice Again & Again

Now that you are well aware of all the basic pro fingerboarding skills, practice them repeatedly before jumping to advanced tricks. This way, you will be able to perform these basic skills effortlessly in every attempt. In addition, catching advanced tricks also becomes easier this way.

Focus on some aspects:

  • Master the basic tricks like ollie, nollie, shove-it, basic grinds, etc.
  • Place your index finger in the middle while the middle one is on the customized fingerboard’s rear end.
  • Turn the board by pushing down the back lip.
  • Get the hang of air tricks.
  • Learn how to grind. 

Grasping Advanced Tricks

Now that you can easily perform shove-it, ollie, kickflip, nollie, and basic grinds, you can proceed to the next step – learning pro fingerboard tricks.

Learn one by one despite jumping to most mind-blowing tricks. There are over hundreds of professional fingerboard tricks. Moreover, these advanced tricks are nothing but a combination of two or more basic pro fingerboard tricks. 

As an example, 360 flip is a blend of shove-it and kick-flip performed in a switch finger positioning. So, if you have a solid hold on basic techniques, advanced fingerboarding tricks come naturally to you. 

End Note

Fingerboarding is easy, but you need to stick to it and have fun with it continuously. Start with basics as climbing straight to advanced and insane customize fingerboard tricks can pose a huge challenge and might frustrate you. Take your time and relax; only then can you acquire all those mind-blowing pro fingerboarding skills which made you inclined towards it. 

Once you grab the basics of manipulating this pocket-sized board with your fingers, you will see how advanced tricks come naturally to you. And you will be ready to show off all your advanced skills in no time.

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