How to get the UK work visa?

 How to get the UK work visa?

Do you know anything about getting a UK work visa? This article will talk about the process of getting a work visa for the UK. We will go through the necessary steps you must take to apply for a work visa and the fees etc. 

The UK is home to many expatriates hailing from several countries worldwide. It appeals to expatriates for better employment opportunities and the best quality of education. These expatriates find jobs in the UK and then they send money to Pakistan or their countries of origin for a better living through the world’s top online money transfer company ACE Money Transfer. 

Let’s take a look at what it takes to get a UK work visa. 

Work Visa:- Formerly, work visa came under the Tier 2 General visa but now the Work Visa has replaced it. A Work visa will allow you to go to the UK or stay there and get employed by a recognized employer.    

Let’s now take a look at the eligibility criteria to qualify for the UK work visa.

Job:- Following points are important points to consider concerning your job based on your work visa. 

You will be working with an employer who is approved by the UK’s Home Office; You must possess a ‘’Certificate of Sponsorship’’ from the employer. This document must have the information about your role you have been offered in the UK; You will be doing a job that is listed as eligible; and  You will be getting minimum remuneration or salary whose volume will depend on your work type.

Job-specific eligibility will depend on the type of job you do and besides, make sure that you have a valid and confirm job offer before you apply for the visa. 

English knowledge:- To become eligible, you must be able to read, write, speak and understand English. You will have to prove that you have a complete comprehension of English as a language at the time of applying for the work visa. 

In case you are ineligible:- Do not worry! In case if you are not eligible for the work visa, you will be eligible for another type of visa. It will not affect your qualification for other visa types as a whole. 

Stay duration:- With a work visa you can stay up to five years. You will have to apply for the extension of your visa in case there is a need for its expiry after five years. You will also have to apply for an extension or update if you switch jobs or employers. 

For a longer stay:- if you meet the eligibility criteria, you are good to apply for the visa extension as many times as you want. On the completion of five years, you will be able to apply to settle permanently in the UK. It is known as the ‘’indefinite leave to remain’’. Acquiring this will enable you to live and work in the UK for as long as you see appropriate.

How to apply:- The first point to note here is that you must apply online. Besides, it will depend on how where you are at the time of applying. For example: 

  • If you are outside of the UK and want to come;
  • If you are in the UK and want to apply for a visa extension; and 
  • If you are in the UK and want to switch to another visa type.

For the change in jobs or employers, you must apply to update your visa and you can add your family members also in your application for their stay in the UK if they stand eligible. 

Processing time:- Keep in mind that you will apply for the work visa up to three months before the starting date of your job in the UK. You will find this date on your certificate of sponsorship. During the process, you will be required to prove your identity and relevant documents. 

Decision time:- If you have applied online and met the requirements of the application such as documents and identity you hear about your visa application in:

  • There are weeks in case if you are outside of the UK; and 
  • Eight weeks in case if you reside in the UK.

Cost:- You will have to pay the costs listed below. Bear in mind that if you have included your spouse and children in the application, the following costs will be paid by them separately.   

  • Pay for the application fees;
  • The healthcare surcharge that will be paid each year of your stay in the UK; and 
  • Documented proof of sufficient personal savings.

Healthcare work visa:- You will be eligible to apply for the Health and Care Worker Visa if you are a nurse or work in the health sector. It is cheap and does not incur the immigration health surcharge every year.

Do’s and don’ts:- Following is the list of do’s and don’ts you will have with the UK work visa.

Following are the do’s.

  • Find an eligible occupation and work there;
  • Undertake your studies;
  • Bring your family as your dependents if they meet eligibility criteria;
  • Get additional and extra work but it depends on your circumstances;
  • Work voluntarily;
  • Travel between the UK and other countries; and
  • Apply to settle permanently in the UK. (It is explained above).

Following are the don’ts:-

With a work visa in the UK, you will not be able to get benefits such as public funds and State pension; and  You will not be able to switch jobs or change your employer unless you apply to update your work visa.

Conclusion:- This piece has walked us through all the necessary details of how to apply for a work visa for the UK. All the process is explained in detail set by step. If you meet the conditions, you are qualified to apply for this type of visa. And in case your application is approved and you get the visa, you will also get a complete list of do’s and don’ts with your work visa.  



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