How To Hire Skip Bins Post Covid-19?

 How To Hire Skip Bins  Post Covid-19?

The pandemic has left a lasting impact on every sector, from the service sector to the manufacturing industry and even the skip hire industry.

In these uncertain times, people are confused about many things, including whether or not to hire a skip bin for their waste disposal.

The simple answer to this conundrum is ‘yes’; one can hire a skip bin post-covid-19. In fact, skip hire is a great way to keep your house/ office clean and hygienic and minimize the chances of infection.

Since the lockdown has been lifted, most businesses are getting back to normal and thus are ‘skip hire’ companies. Therefore it is entirely safe to hire a skip for your residential and commercial waste disposal.

However, there are certain things that everyone must keep in mind before hiring a bin regardless of the skip sizes, the purpose of hiring, and waste type.

Our Skip hire Bromley experts have curated this detailed guide to let you know everything about hiring skip bins post covid-19. Read on to know how to hire a skip bin in 2021.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Skip From A Company

Is the company still in business?

Amid the lockdown in the UK, many companies, including skip agencies, were shut down temporarily or permanently.

Handling wastes after Covid-19 is not as easy as it used to be. Skip professional requires specialized training & skills to handle the bins that could be infectious or dangerous. This is a bit different than the typical skip hire job.

So, the first thing you must do before hiring a skip hire company is contacts the company you wish to hire and ask them whether they have the required skills and equipment to work in these conditions.

Moreover, due to the pandemic, there might be some fluctuations in the skip hire prices. Therefore, if you’re specifically looking for cheap skip hire, it is better to discuss the costs with your skip companies beforehand.

Skip Availability

As mentioned in the above point, there are several changes in the operating of skip companies post the lockdown. One of the significant changes amongst that is ‘limited availability of skip bins.’

Due to several reasons, such as reduced staff, specialized staffing, and social distancing guidelines, the skip companies are not working at optimal potential. Hence, the availability of skips is limited, and the chances of missed deliveries are slightly higher.

To avoid such problems, it is recommended to work with a reputed skip company in your location.

Skip Bins For Quarantine

Home-quarantine patients need to follow strict guidelines to protect their loved ones and other citizens from getting infected. These safety guidelines also include handling quarantine waste with utmost precaution.

Mini Skips might be an ideal choice to manage quarantine waste. When handling waste, the waste disposal staff should wear a PPE kit without fail. They’ll need special bins to transport infectious rubbish during quarantine. Moreover, these bins should also be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Payment Policies

Keeping social distancing guidelines in mind, many skip companies have stopped accepting payments in cash. Hence, you might have to pay the skip hire cost via cards or internet banking.

This policy minimizes the interaction between people, ultimately ensuring the safety of both clients and skip professionals.

Collection Of Skips

Due to Covid-19, the collection procedure of skip bins is slightly different than the typical process.

For covid-19 patients specifically, the skip collection should be arranged only after 48 hours of disposal. And, in the meantime, everyone should avoid touching the waste bin.

On the other hand, if skip bins are hired for regular rubbish collection or commercial waste, the disposal process must be the same as before. However, it is essential to discuss the individual disposal guidelines with your skip provider before arranging a collection.


Skip hire is one of the most effective and affordable ways to manage residential and commercial wastes. The bins are available in various skip sizes to suit diverse Skip hire Bromley and UK requirements.

Even amid the pandemic, it is safe to hire skip bins. By considering the factors mentioned above, you will be able to make your skip hiring process simpler and more efficient.

All in all, before hiring a skip company after Covid-19, one must check the availability delivery guidelines, quarantine waste policy, skip hire cost, payment guidelines, and disposal policy.

Julia Hendon

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