How To Host A Virtual Hiring Fair for Students?

 How To Host A Virtual Hiring Fair for Students?

It can be challenging to conduct an event, especially virtually. You have to prepare better and perfectly in order to achieve success. Moreover, you can solve more than half of your trouble with the right virtual fair platform.

Still, you need a proper step-by-step process to create a perfect virtual event. Hence, here are the various steps that can be helpful to host a virtual hiring fair successfully.

5 Steps to Host a Perfect and Successful Virtual Job Fair!

5 Steps that can be helpful to host a perfect and successful virtual hiring fair are as follow:

1. Start with Setting Your Virtual Hiring Goals

It is essential that you plan and create strategies in order to make your virtual job fair a success. Moreover, you can start analyzing all the pointers that impact your hybrid event directly. There are 5 pointers that you can keep in mind:

  1. Making it an employer branding event
  2. Hire certain candidates on the spot for the job opening
  3. The market or types of candidates you want attract
  4. Conducting interviews during the virtual hiring fair
  5. Features you would like to add to engage the audience
  • Know Your Success Metric

You need to decide and note down all the key metrics and quantified objectives. Moreover, you can use these key performance indicators for better planning and stratification.

  • The Cost of Virtual Career Fair

You have to analyze and decide on a budget for the investment, including the virtual job fair platform. Moreover, it can be beneficial to consider all the aspects you require for your virtual event.

Eventually, the cost of a virtual fair depends on the allocated event manager, technical support, customized registration & landing pages, branded virtual booths, auditorium & webinars, chat & networking tools, and post-event analytics & reports. So, keep all these aspects in mind while finalizing a budget for your virtual career fair.

  • The Worthiness of Virtual Career Fairs

It is necessary that you know what you can expect from a virtual hiring fair, what you get, and your chances of success. There are two factors: your preparation and your chosen virtual trade fair platform. You just have to get ready with the following requirements.

  1. List out all the factors that you want to consider
  2. Finalize the virtual hiring fair date and time
  3. A number of elements you require for your virtual event

2. Let’s Search, Compare and Select the Right Platform!

You need to search and compare every aspect of the virtual job fair in order to pick the best of them. Aspects that you must look for are as follows:

  • You can look for a virtual career fair solution that can offer you a top-notch customization option. Moreover, create and design your entire event as per your desire.
  • It must help you with brilliant branding. Moreover, you should get appropriate space for your brand infographics, like images, videos, and gifs.
  • You should get maximum elements for enriching the engagement in your virtual fair platform.
  • The hybrid trade fair solution must have the aspects to create a seamless user experience.
  • It is vital to get dynamic device support so attendees can join the virtual event platform with various mobiles, PCs, laptops, etc.
  • You must add fun gamification to your virtual hiring fair. It will keep the young generation engaged at your event.
  • The hybrid career fair experts must provide you with an insightful data & analytics report after the virtual fair. It can help you calculate the success rate of your event.
  • It is necessary to get 24/7 backend support to solve last-minute technical problems.
  • You should add all the innovative networking tools you get with the virtual career fair.
  • It is necessary to ask for all the enticing engagement tools.
  • You can get valuable and stellar sponsorship support to add more value to your virtual event.
  • Make sure your chosen virtual job fair platform is a 100% secure and safe solution.

3. It’s Time to Start Your Virtual Career Fair Promotion

It is essential to promote your virtual hiring fair and reach the global people. You can get numerous registrations and login with great marketing strategies. Here are some of the practices you can use for easy hybrid career fair promotion.

  • You could get started with pre-event marketing. Promote your virtual job fair on social media networks, PR channels, email marketing, and advertising communities.
  • You should also provide a user guide for attendees during the registrations. It can be helpful to share: what can they expect from your virtual event? How do they navigate to explore the virtual space? How they can get all the benefits from various elements present at the virtual hiring fair.
  • You can add various hyperlinks to the infographics, banners, touchpoints, and several other places. It will be beneficial to promote your brand during the virtual event.
  • You can get complete information from the virtual job fair platform. Moreover, you can use that information to send newsletters, social media updates, and other promotional ads post-events.
  • You can offer a complete guide of tips for the exhibitors. Make your exhibitors and speakers know about the chat tools, job boards, webinars, appointment scheduling, virtual briefcases, etc.

4. Don’t Forget the Feedback

It is important to take feedback from both the exhibitors and visitors. So, you should prepare a proper form. You can use it to know what virtual hiring fair attendees like about your event or what part of your event they didn’t like at all. Moreover, you can keep these pointers for further guidance. You can eliminate and add virtual fair platform elements as per your users’ likes and dislikes.

5. Get an In-Depth Analysis Report of Your Event

You can get a complete analysis report. It can be helpful to know about the number of attendees registered or logged in to your event. Also, it will give you a footprint analysis if you reach the best virtual job fair platform.

So, these are the various steps that can be helpful to hold a virtual hiring fair for students in 2022. You need to keep the 3 Key pointers in mind to create a proper plan, pick the right virtual job fair platform, and promote.

hope, you will find this article beneficial to hosting a successful virtual career fair.

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