How to Improve In-Store Direct Marketing Promotions

 How to Improve In-Store Direct Marketing Promotions

Are you looking for ways to enhance in-store direct marketing promotions? Numerous techniques can be of great help, including digital signage. To promote your brand recognition, marketing is essential. It is also vital to have a mixture of marketing channels, including social media, websites, mobile ads, print ads, and TV. These techniques will help to bring customers into your store, but you should not stop there. Ensure that you have incorporated tools like digital signage after they get into your store or shop, which guarantees an omnichannel experience. Here are five ways you can use to improve in-store direct marketing.

1. Educate New and Existing Customers

Many products might be hard to use or confusing, so never assume that all the buyers know how to use them. To make things easy for your customers, offer them some help on the usage. You can use a digital screen to display a simple tutorial on how to use the product. Also, you can display some live feed for product reviews, which brings an element of real-life to the store.

Another way of educating your customers is to display info on products that substitute each other with frequently asked questions and answers. Having quality information readily available to the customers will make things easy since they do not even need to keep asking around.

2. Promote Your New Products

If your brand regularly releases lots of new products, using digital methods such as SEG and digital signage to promote them is easy and cost-effective. When customers come into your store, they will look for digital screens which will offer them info on the newest and exciting sales or products. If you are running a campaign that customers should know about, use digital signage to inform them. Digital signs tend to attract the customers’ attention, making them read what the campaign or the product is all about.

Another way of promoting your new products is through the use of SEG (silicone edge graphics). SEG is an easy way of displaying large, compatible graphics in your stores. You may use non-lit or backlit tension frames and fabric to make huge retail signage with ceiling hanging, wall-mounted, and freestanding options. Also, note that SEG frames are easy to install and lightweight, making them a preferred choice for modern retail stores.

3. Create Strong Customer Loyalty

If you place screens close to your popular products in your store and offer a place for customers to register so they can receive updates, it will encourage them to sign up. Having customers’ email addresses means you can inform them of specific sales, discounts, and special offers, encouraging them to purchase repeatedly.

If you have a loyalty app or program, use digital screens to offer the customers an opportunity to sign up to receive updates and discounts right into the inbox. You can even offer them a sign-up discount if they buy a product and register. Placing such screens close to the tills will encourage the customers to register to enjoy the discount.

4. Enhance Brand Recognition

Most customers tend to use social media to identify the products they want to buy. This might be before visiting a store or while in the store. You are likely to see a customer researching about the product as well as the brand. That is why it is important to satisfy customers’ curiosity and at the same time increase recognition by displaying the brand values on the digital screens. This helps the customers to have a clear identity of your brand unlike when displaying endless product promotions and ads.

5. Increase Your Sales by Displaying Supplementary Goods Together

Another way of promoting in-store marketing is through identifying complementary goods and displaying them together. This will encourage the customers to purchase the two or three products together. Whether you are displaying social media posts or customer reviews, displaying supplement goods will ultimately enhance the overall experience.


Finally, managing to bring clients to your store is not the end of promoting your goods. For instance, the use of digital signage in your store will complement the marketing efforts and improve the overall marketing strategy. Ensure you are cleaver with the digital solutions you are using to create a true omnichannel. This will also promote the sales you make monthly or annually.

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