How to Increase the Use of Live Chat Support Services

 How to Increase the Use of Live Chat Support Services

Increasing the use of live chat support services can drastically reduce support time. With real-time assistance, your customer can talk to a live person who can answer their questions and help them decide whether to buy your products. These chat support services also have the added benefit of converting website visitors into customers. They can also be used to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services and provide customer feedback.

Memorization skills of Chat Support Services

Memorization skills can be improved with proper training and techniques. For example, taking notes can help you better remember essential details. This frees up your short-term memory and lets you commit the information to your long-term memory. Taking notes improves your learning and memory, making you more effective at your job.

Another technique for improving memory is visualization. Many people have a strong imagination and think in mental images, so this method can help them memorize details better. Reciting is another method that can help you improve your memory. Repeating words or phrases out loud helps them be permanently stored in your long-term memory. For example, you can use this technique to memorize the multiplication table.

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Multitasking with Chat Support Services

To provide excellent chat support, your agents must have multiple tools to help them easily switch between tasks. For example, chat notifications should be set so the agent can hear them despite other tasks. In addition, different sounds for each chat alert will help agents distinguish them more easily.

If your agents can multitask while responding to customers, they’ll be able to help more customers while working on an issue. They can use their knowledge base to answer the most common questions and minimize the time necessary to answer each one. They can also use FAQ pages to help customers find answers to questions.

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Pre-chat survey of Chat Support Services

Pre-chat surveys help filter out non-relevant visitors so that you can offer a quality chat experience. These surveys can ask simple questions like a customer number or e-mail address. This information helps you better segment your customer base and route them to suitable operators. This will increase your chances of first contact resolution.

Ideally, your survey should contain just a few questions. It should also have a welcome message and a simple invitation to engage in chat. The questions should be geared towards helping the agent extract the information they need quickly. After the discussion, they can use the survey to send transcripts to the customer. You can also include customized variables to display information about specific clients.

Custom CSS code can be used to customize your pre-chat survey. For example, you can change the color of the buttons and set a background image. You can also define the styles of the different survey fields.

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Availability on channels of Chat Support Services

To keep customers happy, you must ensure your Chat support services are accessible to them on the channels they choose. Whether through social media or your website, ensuring your customers can chat with a live agent is essential. In addition, customers like to get quick answers to any questions they may have.

Chat support is becoming more common for businesses and is an excellent way to assist customers. It allows consumers to interact with a brand conveniently and expedites issue resolution while increasing customer satisfaction. Moreover, it will enable customers to multitask while solving an issue. By implementing chat support, companies can expect increased customer satisfaction, improved relationships, and reduced costs.


Live chat support services are a popular way to provide customer service without incurring the high cost of a call center. Studies have shown that a live chat support service can be up to 17 percent cheaper than a phone call. Moreover, the cost of implementing and training chat support representatives is included in the price.

There are three types of pricing plans offered by live chat providers. The first is a pay-per-agent structure, which means you pay monthly based on how many live chat agents you need. The cost of a single live chat agent may vary from $40 to $60 per month, depending on the provider and the number of chats you get. The lower price plans usually include basic chat customization features, while the more expensive plans offer more advanced features like complete chat history.

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